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You should report any unsafe or hazardous conditions in your work area to your administrator/Vice President.

You should also notify your administrator/Vice President if you become ill or injured on the job or witness an accident anywhere on College premises.

The Director of Physical Plant issues and updates safety and fire prevention regulations and procedures. He or she is responsible for implementing the safety program and works with your supervisor to insure that safe and healthful work conditions are maintained for you.

Bomb Threat Response Action

In the event a bomb threat is received by telephone, in writing, or if it is reported by another employee, the following response should be followed: notify Safety and Security, notify your supervisor, and complete a Bomb Threat Response form.

If the threat is received by phone, attempt to establish the following: location of bomb, time of bomb detonation, purpose or motive, and identity of caller. It is important to compose a written record of the time, location, and receiver of the call.

When receiving a written threat, save all materials including any envelope or container.

Do not dismiss any threat of this nature as a hoax. Report it immediately.

Tornado/High Wind Procedures

In the event a tornado warning or high wind advisory is issued, seek shelter immediately. The best protection is offered on the lowest level of a building with rigid structural framing. The following safety guidelines are suggested: go to an interior space without exterior walls; avoid spaces with large spans, windows, and skylights; and go to spaces with short overhead spans such as closets, restrooms, offices, and utility rooms.

To ensure safety, familiarize yourself with storm procedures posted in you work area.

Personal Property

Facilities are provided so you can keep your personal property such as coats, purses, and briefcases secure and out of public access and view.

You should utilize these facilities to keep valuables out of sight and, when possible, locked up, if you are away from your work area.

Even with precautions which the College takes to safeguard personal property, thefts may still occur. We cannot accept responsibility or make reimbursements for lost or stolen property; however, we will investigate any loss immediately after it is reported.