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Short-Term Leave of Absence

If you are a continuing full-time employee and need time away from work because of important personal reasons, you can request an unpaid short-term leave of absence. A short-term leave is defined as being from one day to 30 calendar days in length.

Make your request to your administrator/Vice President as far in advance as possible of the date you wish to start leave. This time is necessary for proper approval. Your administrator/Vice President will consider such factors as your reasons for the leave, your length of service, performance, and your department's operating needs in granting your request.

If your short-term leave is approved, you will continue to earn service credit as if you were at work. You will also be guaranteed your same job when you return.

Most of your benefits, such as medical coverage and disability coverage will continue. TIAA-CREF will not resume until you receive your next payroll check.