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Support Staff Personnel Council

The Support Staff Personnel Council exists to foster community, to facilitate communication among Support Staff, Administrators, Faculty and Students, and to advise the administration of the college in matters that concern the Support Staff. The Council is comprised of eleven (11) members: four (4) from the clerical division, three (3) from the housekeeping division, three (3) from the maintenance division, and one (1) that is a non-benefit eligible part-time position. Members are elected to serve a three-year term. All members are eligible to serve two (2) consecutive three-year terms upon re-election by their peers within the division. Members can be elected again to the Council even in the event that they have subsequently served two full terms or six years and some time has passed between terms. All full-time and part-time employees that work more than 25 hours per week are eligible to serve with the exception of the one position held by a non-benefit eligible Support Staff member. The President and the Vice President for Human Resources are non-voting ex-officio members.

The major functions of the Council are as follows:

  • Represent the Support Staff at Board of Trustee meetings
  • Represent support staff regarding matters that concern campus benefits
  • Be concerned with equality for all employees and facilitate communications on behalf of the Support Staff.
  • Review and make recommendations for handbook changes
  • Consider matters relating to employment or working conditions and advise the President/Vice President for Human Resources
  • Review problem-situations as appropriate (see Problem Review Procedure)