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Time Off


All continuing full-time employees receive 10 paid holidays each year. (Additional days may be granted depending on the holiday schedule for Christmas and New Year's Day holidays.)

New Year's Day
January 1
(Schedule will be determined depending on day on which it falls.)

Good Friday
(Date varies)

Easter Monday
(Date varies)

Memorial Day
last Monday in May

Independence Day
July 4
(Schedule will be determined depending on day on which it falls)

Labor Day
first Monday in September--If school is in session on Labor Day, the holiday will not be observed that year. Instead, employees may take a compensatory day in lieu of the holiday.

Thanksgiving Wednesday

Thanksgiving Day
fourth Thursday in November

Thanksgiving Friday

Christmas Day
December 25
(Schedule will be determined depending on day on which it falls.)

Observed holidays that fall on a weekend, will be paid as a holiday only if a support staff employee works that day.

Continuing part-time employees (20 hours - 34 hours per week) will also be paid for any of the above holidays which fall on one of their normally scheduled work days. Temporary staff are not eligible for paid holidays.

If you are a non-exempt support staff employee and, for some reason, you are required to work on a holiday, you will be paid premium pay (1 1/2 times your regular hourly salary plus holiday pay for actual hours worked).

If a support staff employee does not work on the observed holiday, the employee will be paid for 8 hours of his/her normal hourly rate. (Part-time staff will be granted holidays on a pro-rated basis.)

Religious Days

The College respects the religious obligations of all employees. Our policy is to make a reasonable effort to accommodate your religious practices if they prohibit you from working on specified days.

To accomplish this, you may take up to 10 unpaid days off each calendar year. You may also use paid time off such as vacation for this purpose.

You must give at least one month's advance notice for each day that you will be gone due to a religious obligation. Notify your administrator at the beginning of each year, in January if possible, of your required absences for the coming year.

Emergency Days/Funeral Leave

If you are confronted with an unexpected emergency which requires you to be away from work, call your administrator and they, in consultation with the Vice-President for Human Resources may approve up to three consecutive days off per occurrence to assist you in handling the situation.

Continuing full-time employees will be paid for approved emergency days. Other employees may take the time off without pay.

Emergencies which may be approved by the Vice-President for Human Resources include:

1. a death in your immediate family (husband, wife, child, parent, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, legal guardian, and in-laws: mother, father, son, daughter, sister, brother)

2. a serious injury or illness in your immediate family

3. serious property damage to your home, such as fire, flood, or burglary.

Emergencies other than these or circumstances which require more than three consecutive days off may be granted with the approval of the Vice-President for Human Resources.

If a death in the family occurs while you are on vacation, you may have up to three days charged as emergency days and reschedule your vacation days at a later time.

Snow Days/Emergency Shut-Down Policy

In the event the College is required to shut down operations, the following will apply: The President or his designated representatives will determine the necessity to shut down operations for both college offices and classes. Notice of the College closing will be broadcast over Sioux Falls radio and television stations prior to the regular start of operations.

Critical staff, those so designated by their administrator, will be required to come to work when operations are canceled and will be paid two (2) times their hourly salary for time worked.

Non-critical staff are not to be at work during an emergency and they will be paid straight time for their regularly scheduled hours while not at work.

For emergencies declared during a working day, all staff will be paid at straight time until the emergency is declared. At that time, non-critical staff will be asked to leave by their administrators, and will be paid straight time for the remainder of their shift. Critical staff will be asked to remain and will be paid two (2) times their hourly rate for the remainder of their shift.

Temporary Hazardous Conditions

When driving conditions are very poor during normal hours for travel to and from work, Augustana College may grant you a grace period of up to two (2) hours so you may arrive safely to work in the morning or at home in the evening. You may use vacation or sick leave hours during this time. If the College is open and you are unable to get to work at all, you may use sick leave, vacation or unpaid time for the work hours missed.

Your manager should be notified should either of these situations occur.

Jury Duty

In recognition of your legal and civic obligations to serve if called for jury duty or as a court witness, you will be given time off from work for as long as you are needed in court.

You must notify your administrator/Vice President of your jury duty schedule. You will be expected to work on days you are not needed in court or on days you are dismissed early enough to work part of the day.

Continuing full-time employees will receive regular pay in addition to any money paid by the court. Other employees may take time off without pay.

Political and Civic Activities

The College encourages you to participate in political, civic, and church related activities during your free time. These activities benefit our community and can also contribute to your personal and professional growth. If you need more time for your civic interests, you can request an unpaid short-term or long-term leave of absence.

If you serve as an election aide in school board, general or primary elections on a day you are normally scheduled to work, you will receive your regular salary for the day -- provided your administrator has approved the time off.

If you are elected or appointed to a full-time public office, and are a continuing employee, you can request an unpaid leave of absence for one term in office. At the end of the term, you must return to the College to your old position or a similar one. If you decide to serve additional terms, you will have to resign from Augustana College.

When participating in political or civic activities, you should avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest with your employment at Augustana. If you have any questions regarding this aspect, contact the Vice-President for Human Resources.

Military Training Leave

Augustana College supports the National Guard and Military Reserves and recognizes that some employees must take part in annual training to fulfill their military commitments.

If you are a continuing full-time or continuing part-time employee, you will be granted time off to participate in the annual training leave or other military obligations. You will be paid your regular salary from the College for up to two weeks of your training leave. In addition, if you are activated by the state or federal government to perform special short-term emergency duty, you will be paid full salary while performing these duties. Other voluntary military commitments are granted as unpaid leave or you may take your entitled vacation. Under Federal Law, your job is guaranteed for a period of six months.

Your administrator/Vice President must be notified of military training schedules as far in advance as possible, in order to plan for your absence.

While you are on duty and paid by the College, all your benefits will continue as if you were still working.