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Transfers and Job Postings

Transfers from one job to another can occur for a variety of reasons. You may wish to transfer to change or further your career goals and opportunities. The College may initiate a transfer because of changes in operations or technology or as a result of poor performance by an employee. Whatever the reason, your administrator would discuss it with you completely if you were affected.

Job Posting Program

The way in which transfers are frequently initiated is through the "Job Posting" program. Full- and part-time non-exempt positions are posted, unless the department with the opening is promoting an employee internally. These Job Posting Notices are posted for three (3) working days to allow employees the opportunity to apply.

To be eligible to apply for a posted position, you must:

a. be employed in your current job at least six (6) months;

b. have satisfactory performance in all respects; and

c. inform your administrator of your interest prior to making formal application.

You may apply for only one posted position at a time.

If you see a posted position which interests you, contact Human Resources. They will discuss the job requirements and answer any questions you may have.

If you qualify for the position, you may then complete a job posting application (located in Human Resources) and submit it to your administrator. He or she will either recommend you for the position if you meet the minimum requirements established or recommend denial of the transfer request if special circumstances exist. For example, if your specific skills are critically needed, or you are in the middle of an important project, your administrator may not be able to let you go at this time. If this would happen, your administrator would notify you of the reasons and discuss future opportunities with you.

If your request is accepted, you will be considered for the position. If the request is denied, the applicant has the option to appeal the recommendation to the Vice President for Human Resources and subsequently the President if appropriate. The applicant considered best qualified to meet the job requirements will be offered the position.

If The College Transfers You

There are some situations where the College may initiate a transfer for you. When this occurs, due to changes in operations or technology, efforts will be made to place you in a position comparable to your current position. If this is not practical, and you are placed in a position in a lower grade, your salary would continue to be administered in your old grade for one year. After a year, your salary would be administered in the lower grade, but your actual salary would not be lowered.

The only exception to this would be if you were transferred due to poor performance. Your salary would then be administered in the lower grade immediately with the possibility that your actual salary would be lowered.

All transfers to lower grades require special administrative approval and would involve your receiving a written explanation of the circumstances and the effect on your salary.

Transfer Availability

While transfer opportunities do exist, certain priorities exist for filling job openings.

As a first priority, an administrator with a job opening will consider qualified staff from his or her own department, promoting from within whenever practical.

Preference then goes to employees with job guarantees returning from leaves of absence. Consideration is also given to available staff whose jobs may have been eliminated due to operational changes.

If no qualified applicants are available in the above groups, promotable employees and those seeking transfers would be considered.

Once you are selected for the position you have applied for, you will receive notice from Human Resources. All other applicants will be notified that the position has been filled.