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Work Related Disability

While we strive to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for you, it is still possible for accidents to happen. For this reason, we have a work-related disability program which is separate from the normal sick-leave policy.

Starting on your first day of employment, you are automatically covered by workers' compensation insurance. We pay the full cost of this legally required insurance. Workers' compensation insurance covers you for any disability you incur which is directly caused by your job or working environment. Self-inflicted injuries are not covered.

Notify your administrator/Vice President immediately (within 3 days) if you are injured on the job or on College premises, or suffer an illness directly caused by your job or work environment.

Workers' compensation benefits begin on the eighth consecutive day you are disabled. Benefits under workers' compensation amount to a percentage of your weekly salary (averaged over the past year). In addition, all reasonable medical costs are paid for the treatment of the illness or injury.

In addition to your workers' compensation, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits after six months if your disability is expected to last at least one year. You will want to be sure to apply for these benefits since they are taken into account in determining any disability payments from the College.

Additional Disability Income

If you remain disabled after six months, you will be eligible for Long-Term Disability Income Protection Plan benefits. In this case, however, any workers' compensation and Social Security disability payments would be deducted from your LTD payment. This is because your total income from all benefit sources cannot exceed your regular base salary.

As a continuing full-time employee you are guaranteed the same or a comparable job if you are ready to return to work within a certain time.

The job guarantee schedule is as follows:

If your length of service is:
You will be guaranteed a job for:
greater than 90 days but less than 5 years
12 months
5 but less than 10 years
18 months
10 but less than 20 years
24 months
20 but less than 30 years
30 months
30 years or more
36 months