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You may wish to print these instructions before proceeding.

Click in the appropriate field to enter text. With this a cursor will appear and you may begin typing. To move to a different field use your mouse or the tab key.

If an outlined box is present, you may click for the appropriate response and a check mark will appear in the box. If the check is already present, you may click another box to change the response.

When a large blank space is allowed for further information, you can type as though you would in word processing software. The text will continue to the next line.

There are some instances where lines are provided for you to type on. Please pay attention to this!! To move from line to line you must click or tab to the next line and continue typing. Be sure to watch so you stop typing when you reach the end of a line. If you continue to type more than what fits on the line, your text will run off the page and will not be visible. These instances are found in part two of the custodial document and in the action plan section of the administrative appraisal (page 3).

Please make sure that you have completed all pages of the document.

Further instructions are available at the end of the support staff document.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 4110!