ITS Committee

Information Technology Services Committee

  • ITS Committee Chair: Dan Drenkow
  • Academic Affairs/Library: Deb Hagemeier
  • Admission: Pete Roberts
  • Development: Dawn Krumvieda
  • Finance/HR: Carol Spillum
  • Humanities: Julie Swanstrom
  • Instructional Technologist: Sharon Gray
  • Marketing: Peggy Kapusta
  • MIS: Donovan DeJong
  • Natural Sciences: Andrew Klose
  • Social Sciences: Li Sun
  • Student Services: Corey Kopp
  • ASA Student Rep: Daniel Leite
  • ASA Student Rep: Betab Belihu

ITS Committee Mandate:

To represent the campus in regard to information technology and to serve as an advisory body to the Director of Information Technology Services (ITS). To review major requests for additions and modifications to campus technology and to make recommendations for action on such requests. To recommend policies and procedures related to information technology and its use by campus constituents. To provide a primary source of input for Information Technology Services strategic planning. To assist in allocating the general Information Technology budget and in formulating proposals to provide sufficient funding for general campus technology needs.


The chair of the ITS Committee will be the current or acting Director if ITS.

The ITS committee will include three faculty representatives, one from each division, each serving three year terms with a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Division representatives will be appointed by the Division Chair on a circular basis, starting with Social Sciences (2017-18), Humanities (2018-19), Natural Science (2019-20).

The campus Instructional Technologist will also serve on the committee, representing the Academic Affairs and the Faculty.

The ITS committee will include staff representing the following major areas of the University, to be appointed by leadership from these departments. Staff serving on this committee may be changed at any time with approval of the Senior Vice President of the University (in collaboration with the Presidents Cabinet/Council).

  • Academic Affairs/Library (CWS, Chapel)
  • Advancement
  • Enrollment/Athletics (due to representative serving both areas)
  • Finance/HR/Buildings & Grounds
  • MIS (Student Information Systems)
  • Marketing/Logistics
  • Student Services

Currently, there are 12 members representing major academic, student and administrative areas of the University.