Smart Technology Enabled Classrooms

Most of the classrooms on Augustana's campus are technology enabled. We use the terminology Smart Classroom for rooms that controlled by a Crestron control panel, have multiple integrated device options and often have a Smart Sympodium or Smart Board.

The Crestron control panel (running on the in-room PC dislpay) is the proper way to control the integrated devices in these rooms. The rooms often have the following technogy:

  • Technology Podium - containing the devices, keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.
  • Networked Desktop PC - integrated with podium and used for most classroom presentations
  • SMART Sympodium - Smart Board technology integrated into the PC Monitor
  • Crestron Control system - displayed and used from the PC
  • VGA laptop connection and Audio for laptop connection (a few rooms do not support laptop audio)
  • Speakers and Amplifier itegrated with technology sources in the podium

Rooms may also have one or more of the following technologies:

  • Document Camera - for displaying textbook pages or other objects
  • HDMI input - for laptops and other HDMI capable devices
  • DVD/VCR - we mostly use only the DVD player on the in-room PC today, but some rooms still have a DVD/VCR
  • Wireless clickers (for presentation cotrol - not to be confused with classroom clicker response technology)
  • Classroom response technology (genrally department controlled, not part of the room)

Please contact the Augustana Computer Helpdesk for training and assistance with all of our technology enabled classrooms.