Maia Spam Quarantine

Maia Spam Quarantine

How to manage mail in your new Maia Spam Quarantine

1. The email that Maia sends will have 2 parts: Spam Quarantine and Delivered Email


The Spam Quarantine section contains messages that you have not seen in your inbox. These messages were determined to be spam and given a score. The higher the number, the more likely to be spam. These messages were not delivered to your inbox. If you find a message in this area that is NOT spam, you can click on the Release/Whitelist link to have the message delivered to your inbox and have all new mail from this sender always delivered to your inbox. Messages in this section are organized so that mail with a lower score (less likely to be spam) are listed on top. The further down the list you go, the more likely it is spam.

The Delivered Email contains messages that you have already recieved in your mailbox. Messages in this section are organized so that mail at the top is MORE likely to be spam. If you find a message in this area that actually is spam and you do not want to recieve any future messages from this sender, click the "Report" link. This will put the senders mail into your Quarantine from now on. Blacklist is dangerous. I would avoid using it.

You can login directly to your Maia account to manage your mail and to change settings. Click on the login link in the email report or type to login. Use your regular Augustana username and password. This is a secure page so you will get an warning message about the site being untrusted. You will need to click "I understand the risks" or "trust" to continue. The exact wording will depend on your browser. This warning will only happen the first time you visit this site.

2. Login to Maia for more control


This is the landing page of your Maia account. 
The Cache Contents box gives you access to all mail currently in the Maia filter. 
1. Shows your "Good" mail. This is mail that has already been delivered to your inbox.
2. Mail that has been classfied as Spam.
3. Messages that contain a virus - You can not release these 
4. Messages that contain file types we block. (exe, zip etc) We block, and have for several years, file types that typically contain a virus.
5. Bad header messages. Sometimes messages just get messed up. You can check this area to see if there are legitimate messages. You may need to have the sender re-send them.

3. Dealing with your "good" mail

When you click on the "non-spam cache" link, this window opens. This is mail that has already been delivered to your Inbox. It is arranged so that mail at the top of this list is mail that is more likely to be spam. As you go down the list the messages are more and more likely to be "real" mail that you want. If you see a message in this list that IS SPAM and you no longer want messages from that sender to be delivered to your Inbox, click the "Spam?" indicator at the right of the message. When you are done, click the "Confirm the status of these items" button. This will train the filter. Those you marked as spam will from now on go straight to Quarantine.

4. Dealing with your Suspected Spam

When you click on the "spam cache" link you will see this window. In this area, messages that are more likely to be legitimate mail are placed at the top. If you find a message in this area that is NOT spam; Click the Non-spam button for that message. When you have finished with the list, click the "Confirm the Status of these items" button. Now messages that you marked as Non-Spam will be delivered to your Inbox instead of this "Suspected Spam" area.