ITS Newsletter Fall 2012

ITS Fall 2012 Newsletter


What is in this newsletter?

  • GroupWise 2012 Coming in December
  • Sending your Voicemail messages to your email account
  • New Video Conferencing Room
  • Clickers available for check out
  • Travel abroad
  • Work at Home
  • New Phone System
  • Internet Safety
  • 2013 ITS Budget Requests



GroupWise 2012

We are in the final testing stages for installing GroupWise 2012. Our plan is to install this upgrade during Christmas Break – probably on Dec. 21st. This will require several hours of downtime, but no mail will be lost. More details about the schedule will be sent as we get closer to the date.


What is new in GroupWise 2012?


Archiving and Auto Purge

One of the big changes we are making as we move to GroupWise 2012 is the way you will manage your account. We will no longer automatically delete messages that are 120 days old. We will be increasing the size of your email account to accommodate this change. If you are currently using a GroupWise Archive, you can continue to do that or you can change your settings to keep all mail in your live GroupWise account. This change means that all of your email can be available through the web interface and on your mobile devices. More details as we get closer to this change.


GroupWise Web Access gets a very large upgrade.

  1. The web client will now work on touch devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and also Kindle, Nook etc.
  2. You will be able to sort columns using the Web Client
  3. Signatures will be carried over from the regular client to the web client
  4. Calendar on the web will now allow you to use recurring appointment and Busy Search like you can in the full GroupWise client
  5. Photos can be added to your contact list on the web


  1. Updates to the multi-user and proxy calendars
  2. Easier modification of appointments


Voicemail to Email

Wish you could get voicemail and email messages together in one place? Well, you can. We just need your Augustana phone number and your email address and we can have that service turned on for your account. Email with your information.



Video Conferencing Room

Thanks to a grant Augustana now has a full video conferencing room. The room is located in ITS, but can be scheduled by any department. The room is equipped with front and rear cameras and front and rear monitors, microphones for the speaker and audience, and ceiling speakers. The room is also equipped to participate in Polycom conferencing as well as WebX, Skype and other computer based conferencing programs. If you would like to schedule this room or just learn more about what is possible, please call the Help Desk.



Clickers available for checkout

ITS now has several sets of clickers that can be checked out for one time use or several weeks at a time. The clicker software is installed in all of our smart classrooms and can easily be added to other computers as needed. Contact the Help Desk if you would like to schedule a time to use these clickers. Look for clicker training sessions coming this winter.


What is a clicker?

Student response systems, or "clickers", are wireless devices that are used to collect anonymous responses from a group of students in real time. When a question is posed each student enters a response. The results are instantly displayed in a graph that can be projected to the front of the room.


Traveling Outside the US – Please let us know.

If you will be traveling outside the US please let us know. Our system is set up to monitor where login attempts are coming from. Why? Several times this year faculty/staff accounts have been hacked into from outside the US. If we don’t catch these intruders within the first few minutes, they are able to use the hacked account to send hundreds of spam and/or maIware messages from that account. This very quickly gets Augustana on worldwide blacklists. That means that mail coming from addresses goes either into spam filters or worse, it is blocked and never delivered to the intended recipient.


If you notify us of your travel plans, we can exempt your account from this auto checking. If you are not exempted, we get a text message every time you check your email from outside the US. (Some of you check your messages a lot when you travel!) Remember – it may be the middle of the day where you are – but it may be the middle of the night here. This is EXTREMELY important if you are traveling in a country that is know as a safe haven for hackers. If we see your account being accessed from a place like Nigeria or China (and others) and we don’t know that you are really there, it is VERY LIKELY that we will disable your account until we can confirm that it is really you checking mail. Please let me know your plans.



Microsoft Office for home computers.

Full time employees of Augustana who use Microsoft Office on their office computers are eligible to participate in the Microsoft Software Assurance Home Use program. This program allows you to install the current version of Microsoft Office on your computer for a very reasonable cost. If you would like more information, please email


New Phone System Coming this Summer

Augustana must replace our existing phone system during the summer of 2013. The current system is part of a larger system owned by Midcontinent Communications and is “end of life” (meaning no vendor support). Midcontinent plans to decommission this old system in 2013. ITS will be working with a committee of campus users to select a new VOIP (voice over IP) system and phones to replace our old system. We will make details available as we move through this process.


Replacing a phone switch is a complex and very expensive project. We need to reduce the number of phones on campus and would like your help to do that. Augustana maintains 1000 phone lines (even after removing 600 lines from residence halls 1 1/2 years go). Think about the lines in your area and what you may be able to eliminate. Each phone in this new system will have an initial cost over $300. Dan will be talking to owners of campus phone lines and gathering more details throughout the next few months. Have any phones you really don’t need anymore?


Email Dan if you have ideas about what you would like available in our next phone system and if you have ideas on how to save funds and eliminate lines.



Internet Safety – Yes. You Still Need to be Watchful

I wish I could tell you that internet phishing attempts are gone or at least that we are getting fewer of them or we have a magic way to block them, but I can’t. In fact, the opposite is true. There are more and better scams every day. Here are a few short but important things to remember.


  1. NEVER give your password to someone over email. Very occasionally ITS will need to know your password. If this happens we will call you. We will never ask by email.
  2. ITS will NEVER send a message that is not signed by one of our employees. We will NEVER sign a message ITS Department or Help Desk. We will always use our names
  3. If you receive an email or message from a friend on Facebook, MySpace, or another social network site inviting you to view a video or some other type of media, but when you click the link, you are told that you must update your software. Don’t do it. The link is very likely infected. Always update your software by opening the program and then use the built in update feature.
  4. If you receive a message from your bank or your credit card company asking for your password, they didn’t send the message. Delete the message


That is just a short list of tips.Be very cautious with your information and if you think you have been tricked, contact the Help Desk.We can give you some suggestions for what to do next.

Please see this ITS webpage for more details and a list of things that each of you should be doing here and at home to keep your system safe.



2013 ITS Budget Requests

Watch your email next week for 2013 Technology Budget Request information. Requests are due on January 13, 2013. If you have questions about filling out the request form, please give us a call.