Office Voicemail

Setting up Voicemail

You will need to personalize (add your name and a greeting) and set a password for your voicemail before you can listen to messages. Voicemail will be gathered, you just won’t be able to listen to them.

To set up voicemail for the first time:

  1. Lift the receiver and push the button next to Voicemail on the LCD display
    1. Or, on a phone without "Voicemail" on the LCD Display, dial your own 4 digit number, then press star (*) to interrupt the greeting
  2. You will be asked for your password. The initial password is 1111
  3.  Follow the tutorial, she will walk you through changing the password and setting up your greeting.

Checking Your Voicemail

If you have a NEW voice message, the top light on your Mitel phone will blink. For analog phones, you will here a special set of tones one second after lifting the handset. The light or the tones will go away once you use your phone to listen to the messages.

To check messages from your own office phone:

  1. Push the Voicemail button (phones with the LCD display) and enter your password at the prompt
    1. Or, dial you own 4 digit number, press star (*) during the greeting, and enter your password at the prompt
  2. Follow the prompts
    1. Push 7 to listen to the next message
    2. Push 3 to discard a message while listening

If you are not checking from your office phone:

  1. Dial your phone number (4 digits on campus, 7 or 10 digits from off campus)
  2. When your voicemail picks up, push the * key to intrreupt the greeting
  3.  Enter your password at the prompt and follow the prompts (7 to listen to the next message, 3 to discard, etc)

To change your greeting:

  1.  Login to your voicemail as shown above
    1. Press 8 to enter the User Option Menu
    2. Press 4 to change your greeting