CATV - Cable TV at Augustana

Cable TV is available in most Residence Hall Rooms and Apartments on a subscription basis. To subscrbe, call Residence Life @ 605-274-5215 or sign up in your residence life packet.

Once you are subscribed, to set up your TV, follow these Setup Guidelines:

  • Connect the Cable to your TV's Cable Inut jack
    • This is usually the LOWER of the two cable jacks in your room
    • You will need a standard F type CaTV coaxial patch cable. A 25 foot cable should reach most places in your room.
  • Bring up the Menu on your TV and set the following:
    • Set the antenna type to CATV (not off-air)
    • Select the option on your TV to auto-tune the channels
  • Augustana's Cable TV is a combination of analog and digital channels
    • If you have an analog only TV, you will only get channels 2-22
    • If you have a digital TV, you will get 2-99 after having your TV scan for channels (see your owners manual)
      • Most HD or digital TVs sold after 2006 have an internal digital QAM tuner
      • If the TV remote has a dot (.) or dash (-) , the TV probably has a internal digital QAM tuner. Check your manual for scanning or manual channel instructions.  If you  no longer have the owner's manual, you may find it on the TV manufacturer's website.
    • Augustana can lend you a digital tuner if you do not have a digital TV ($20 deposit requied). Contact the Computer Helpdesk, 605-274-5331.

Channel Linups -

Click this link for Augustana College/Midco Basic Cable Channels

Upgrading to Video Bundles - DVR, HD, Preimium Channels:

You can upgrade to a Midco package by contacting MIdco Customer Service, (800)888-1300

  • You must be subscribed to Augustana's Cable Serivce through Residence life and paying the semesterly fee.
  • Tell Midco you are an Augustana Resident and you are subscribed for the Basic Serivce through Augustana.
  • Midco will calculate your Midco cost of the package (Midco Package cost minus Midco's Basic Service fee, currently $49.95)
  • Midco will have you pick up a Cable TV Box/DVR/etc at their service location.
  • Connect this device to your room's active Cable TV jack, and then to your TV.
  • Midco will bill you monthly for the extra service, Augustana will bill you semesterly for the Basic portion.

Problems with your CATV?

Q.  I don't get channels above 22?

A.  Basic Cable channels above 22 are digital. You will need a digital tuner on your TV to get these channels. See Setup Guidelines above.

Q.  I only get the bottom 13 channels?

A.  Use your TV's menu to select CATV or Cable TV (rather than Off-Air or Antenna).

Q.  I don't get sound on some channels?

A.  There is an MTS setting on some TV's. Sometimes it is a button that gets pushed, sometines it's in the menu. MTS means Multichannel Television Sound and allows multiple languages. Most of the time, only the English channel is used and the others are silent. Be sure your MTS is set to english.

If need further assistance, you may contact Residence Life, or the Computer Help Desk (605-274-5331).