Technology Requests

Information Technology Committee Budget Requests

Yearly Requests to the ITS Committee for equipment are due in January for the following budget cycle. Use the Memos and Forms below beginning in November, and contact your ITS Committee Representative for assistance.

ITS Budget Request Notice for 2016-17 - email notice to faculty and staff regarding technology budget requests

ITS Budget Request Form:  PDF   - or -   Word Doc

Computer Pricing Guide - Standard System configuration and cost estimates

ITS Budget Request Procedure and Guidelines - formal policy and procedures

General Technology Purchases

Augustana asks that you consult with Information Technology Services on all Information Technology decisions and purchases. ITS can often help provide expert knowledge and consulting in most Information Technology areas. ITS can also order products at educational discount and can properly inventory the purchases.

If you have Department funds that you will be using to purchase a new computer, you can check out the computers that we currently recommend and support by clicking here. After looking at this link, contact Steve Lathrop with questions or with your order.

Augustana participates in EPEAT - an easy to use resouce for identifying high-performance, environmentally preferable products. Augustana computer and printer purchases are EPEAT Silver or higher.

Augustana University Innovation in Pedagogy using Technology Initiative (IPT)

This is an invitation for project proposals to Augustana’ s Innovation in Pedagogy using Technology Initiative (IPT). Any full-time tenure track/tenured and continuing term faculty member may submit a proposal according to the following guidelines.

Grants this year can be submitted for the use of iPads in our out of the classroom by faculty or students to provide replicable innovations in pedagogy. The standard grant will be one 64GB iPad Air, case, keyboard and apps totaling $800 (iPad, case, and keyboard ordered through ITS, with remaining funds to be awarded as personal app purchases via iTunes cards).

IPT proposals for 2015 are due by May 6, 2015. A special Task Force composed of faculty members and technical staff will evaluate the proposals and forward recommendations for awards to the Academic Dean in May, 2015.

IPT awards will be awarded and ordered in May 2015. The following are requirements to receive funding:

  • Award recipients must attend an iPad overview/training session to receive the iPad

  • Award recipients must submit a written report about the projects level of success to the IPT Task Force Coordinator (Cheryl Swanson) no later than May 30, 2016.

  • Award recipients must share findings with the faculty in a publicly advertised campus forum (e.g., ITS Brown Bag, Faculty Development Luncheon, departmental seminar) during the academic year following the grant (by August 31, 2016 for the 2015 award).

  • Failure to comply will result in disqualification for future IPT initiatives.

Augustana Educational Technology and Helpdesk staff will be pleased to answer questions about the application process or informally review a rough draft of your proposal. The narrative should address the innovative nature of using technology to enhance pedagogy.

The IPT online application form is available here: IPT Online Application Form

Please fill out the online application form by May 6, 2015.