ITS Newsletter Spring 2010

ITS Newsletter Spring 2010


Email – Archive It or Lose It (a folder is not an archive)

GroupWise mail and calendar items are stored on Augustana’s network, but not indefinitely. Messages in your account (including your cabinet folders) are purged when they are 6 months old. Items in the Trash are purged after 7 days. If you want to save messages longer than this, you need to archive them.

For instructions on archiving contact the Help Desk.


Strategic Planning

ITS Department along with the ITS Committee is in the process of creating our next strategic plan. The Committee will be doing a faculty/staff survey this spring, so watch for that and make sure to participate. ITS planning is a lot like trying to predict the future – not a precise task. Help us figure out where we think we are headed.


Summer’s Just Around the Corner

Summer is always a busy time for ITS. Some of the projects that you will see happening are listed below. 

This year we will begin to move from Windows XP as the campus standard to Windows 7. If you are getting a different Windows computer this summer, it will most likely be delivered to you with Windows 7 installed.

We are also planning on moving to the newest version of GroupWise this summer. When exactly that will happen is still in the planning stages. When we have a date selected, we will let you know. There should be only a short down time. There are a number of new features, especially in the Web Client and the Mac Client. We will be offering training sessions to show you how to use the new features.

Our summer training focus this year will be aimed in a couple of directions. With the new GroupWise software we will be offering sessions demonstrating the new features as well as some hands on sessions. Watch for our summer training schedule coming out soon.

MIS will begin the process of installing and setting up Cognos and integrating it into our database. Cognos is a very powerful reporting tool and integrating it is a long and detailed process. Implementation for end users will happen throughout the 2010-2011 year.

Summer will also bring changes for those of you who would like to get your Augustana email on your cell phone, iTouch or similar device. We will be changing the way that you connect with GroupWise to send and receive your mail. This will make it possible to use an Augustana server to send your mail as well as to receive your mail.


Let’s throw some numbers around.

  • Did you know that on a typical day there are 49,000 email messages delivered to Augustana? This doesn't count messages that are GroupWise to GroupWise.
  • Of those messages about 7,000 are delivered to your Inboxes. The other 42,000 are Spam or wrong addresses. That is faculty/staff only. Not student email.
  •  We have 196 computers available to students in computer labs
  • There are another 50+ computers available to students in department labs across campus
  • There are 86 networked printers active on campus.
  •  When we do our nightly back up – we back up 6.2 terabytes of data….ya that’s a lot and that backup doesn't even include the Jenzαbar server!
  • Did you know that within the Jenzabar (CARS) server there are 6 separate databases, 1447 tables, and 23,881 columns of information? Just think of how many separate bits of information are stored there!
  • How about 1500 jacks to plug in network devices.
  • We automatically monitor 202 different services and check their status every 4 seconds. What does that mean? --There are 202 processes that need constant attention….is the GroupWise server up, can it send mail, can it receive mail, is the web server up…..202 of those!


Brown Bags

If you have not joined us for any of our Brown Bag Luncheons, take a look at what is still coming. We meet in the Mikkelsen Library classroom at 11:30 

April 6th - My computer is a mess, what do I do?

Come and get some tips for cleaning up your home computer. What should you do on a regular basis? What free tools are safe to use? ....and more

April 13th - Windows 7 -

Tips on managing your Windows 7 set up at home. Get tips for your new computer with Windows 7 or just come to get a peak at what Windows 7 is like.

April 20th - Managing Citations and Bibliographies in Word

Did you know that Word 2007 has this feature built in? If you have not seen this… will want to! A great tool for students and faculty. Every time you create a new source, the source information is saved on your computer. You can then use that information to generate a bibliography for any future document.


Moodle Updates

We have moved Moodle to a new, faster server and have upgraded the software to version 1.9.7. We hope you noticed an improvement in server access speed. There are also some improvements in the gradebook interface as well as other minor fixes. If you have any questions, contact Sharon Gray at