Jaciel Keltgen

Jaciel Keltgen

Dr. Jaciel Keltgen
Assistant Professor



Degrees: Ph.D., University of South Dakota M.S., South Dakota State University B.A., South Dakota State University

Courses taught: Principles of Marketing, Marketing Promotions, Healthcare Marketing, Personal Selling & Sales Management, Sport Marketing, Business Writing

Business Experience: Prior to joining the faculty at Augustana University, she worked in government, journalism and market research. Dr. Keltgen served as director of research, press secretary and lobbyist for two South Dakota attorney generals, and worked at the Argus Leader in various reporting and editing positions. Her marketing credits also include three years as director of marketing at the University of Sioux Falls as well as conducting market research for an international wholesale company and working as creative director for a local advertising agency. In addition to teaching marketing, Keltgen also operates a marketing firm, Jaciel Keltgen and Associates, that specializes in health care marketing and assisting physicians in publishing their research in academic journals. She has won state and national advertising awards for her work.

Interests: Dr. Keltgen’s dissertation research pertains to job satisfaction among millennial physicians and is intended to benefit healthcare organizations concerned about hiring, training and retaining vital young employees. Other interests include international brand strategy, social networking and social marketing, as well as engaging her marketing students in service learning.

Memorable classroom moment: I was taking marketing students on a field trip to J & L Harley-Davidson on beautiful fall afternoon. We were driving in a caravan, with about 12 football players leading the way on their scooters. It was a comic sight to see the large bodies on small motorbikes on our way to learn more about legendary American bikes with big motors.

Advice for business students: Your professors will open many doors for you with professional speakers, invitations to events, and work that will distinguish you from other business students. Network and pursue every opportunity for an internship. Even if you don’t enjoy the work you have learned more about business cultures and certainly more about yourself, and your next employer will appreciate the experience you’ve gained along the way.

Scholarly presentations and publications:

  • 2019: Marketing Management Association National Educators Conference Presentation, “Celebrity Tweeting: personality, Puppy Products and Pee, A Case Study” 
  • 2019: Reviewer for Journal of International & Interdisciplinary Business Research
  • 2019: “Using ordinal logistic regression to analyze job satisfaction among three generations of physicians,” published by SAGE Research Methods Cases in Business & Management, DOI: 10.4135/9781526474407
  • 2018: Southeast Technical Institute invited lecture, “Generational Patterns in the Workplace”
  • 2018: Solicited review of proposed Healthcare Marketing text for Jones & Bartlett Learning publishers
  • 2017: “#DocsOnTwitter: How Physicians use Social Media to Build Social Capital,” published in Hospital Topics, DOI: 10.1080/00185868.2017.1354558
  • 2017: “The impact of generational and gender effects on physician satisfaction in the U.S.,” published in the Public Administration Journal, University of South Dakota
  • 2017: 53rd Annual MBAA International Conference Presentation, “Docs on Twitter: A Comprehensive Study Tracking Adoption and Usage by Medical Professionals 2006-2015.” Awarded Best Paper in Healthcare Marketing Track by the Business and Health Administration Association
  • 2017: Physicians Practice (UBM Medica Network), “6 Insights into Physicians Who Tweet,” January 3, 2017.
  • 2014: 50th Annual MBAA International Conference Presentation, “Community Hospitals vs. Physician-Owned Hospitals or How to Excise Entrepreneurial Doctors from the Medicare Payment Prescription
  • 2014: Annual Meeting of the Great Plains Political Science Association Presentation/Paper, “Social Capital: America’s Shrinking Invisible Asset?” Awarded Best Paper
  • 2013: Society of Business Research Conference Presentation, “Community Hospitals Face Off Against Self-Referring Physicians in Fight Over Conflict of Interest” 
  • 2012: Annual Marketing Management Association Conference Presentation, “Do Millennials Deliver Generational Angst"
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