Professor Studies US Election Coverage in Norway

On November 4, millions of people tuned in to see who would be the new president.  Associate Professor Mike Nitz was also watching the coverage, but he did it from Norway.  Conducting research on Norwegian media coverage of this historic election, Nitz focued on how the Norwegian media framed the election, digging furuther in the cultural framing theory.

This trip was a follow-up to Nitz's previously published work on 2004 Norwegian media coverage fo the presidential election.

Nitz received funding for his reserach through the Zaloudek Award from Augustana and the NORTANA (Norwegian Research and Teachers Association of North America).  The Zaloudek Award was presented at the 2008 spring commencement ceremony.

NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting Company, did a news story on Associate Professor Nitz and his work while he was in Norway and has shown interest in doing a follow-up interview later as well. 

Associate Professor Nitz has also been meeting with US Ambassador to Norway Ben Whitney on the new Norwegian Consortium Augustana has joined.  Nitz teaches within the Communications department at Augustana, is the Coordinator of the Norwegian program, and is advisor to the Augustana chapter of PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America).


Associate Professor Mike Nitz
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