Bust of Bob Hall Unveiled

Bob Hall is usually the one springing surprises, but Tuesday he was on the receiving end.

Approaching the tunnel leading to Augustana’s new Kirkeby-Over Stadium, Hall was greeted by a large contingent from the College and community, including the entire football team and coaching staff. Stepping from the crowd to join him was his wife, Kari, who was in on the surprise.

The purpose of the gathering was the unveiling of a bust bearing Hall’s likeness. It will become tradition for Augustana players to touch Hall’s head as they run onto the field. It is an appropriate gesture since it was the Halls who provided the lead gift for the stadium and declared, “It’s for the kids.”

Bob and Kari’s gift of $6.1 million ignited the momentum to build the 6,000-seat stadium and bring football back to campus after 50-plus years of playing home games at Howard Wood Field.

The stadium is named after Kari’s parents, Percy Kirkeby and Elizabeth Markley Kirkeby Over. Both are Augustana graduates, as is Kari. Bob is the football equipment manager and a long-time friend of the College.

Shown above, right: Bob and Kari Hall with the bust created in Hall's likeness, located by the tunnel leading into the stadium.

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