Augustana Opens 2009-10 Academic Year with Enrollment Increase

SIOUX FALLS – Another large first-year class and a freshman-sophomore retention rate of 82.2 percent contributed to an enrollment increase at Augustana College.

The Registrar’s Office reported on the first day of class that 432 first-year students are enrolled; 427 first-year students enrolled in the fall of 2008. The average ACT composite of 25 for the 2009 first-year class is among the highest in the region and continues a three-year trend.

The total headcount for fall 2009 is 1,795 compared to 1,754 a year ago.

The retention rate is the second highest in the last decade and the fourth highest since the College began tracking it in 1975.

Nancy Davidson, Vice President for Enrollment, said: “We are pleased that we were able to achieve our budgeted enrollment goal of new students, maintain the high quality of the entering class, and retain a higher than average number of returning sophomores. We are excited to be nearing the 1,800 mark in total enrollment.”

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