Second edition of A New South Dakota History published

SIOUX FALLS - The second edition of the Center for Western Studies’ award-winning state history, A New South Dakota History, has been released.

Grants from both the James and Eloise Elmen Foundation and the Robert and Rita Elmen Foundation made publication possible. The second edition of A New South Dakota History is dedicated to the memory of James W. Elmen, 1932-2006.

As a consequence of the financial support by the two Elmen foundations, the second edition will be available at a 25 percent reduction from the price of the first soft-cover edition. The $30 cost will be of special benefit to students.

A New South Dakota History received the 2006 Leadership in History Award from the American Association for State and Local History, “The most prestigious recognition for achievement in the preservation and interpretation of state and local history,” and has received both popular and academic reviews.

Sixteen contributors from colleges and universities working with general editor Dr. Harry Thompson over three years, produced the first full-scale history of South Dakota in 40 years. Special features include essays, more than100 photos, timelines, recommended readings, extensive notes, and a comprehensive index.

Order the book by calling CWS at 605.274.4007 or visit the Center’s Web site.

A New South Dakota History, reviewers’ comments:

“A gift to South Dakota”— South Dakota Magazine (2005)

"Almost no topic is neglected…an excellent resource made especially accessible by the topical chapters. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All libraries, especially those on the Great Plains, and for researchers at all levels.”— American Library Association’s Choice (2005)

“Simply amazing…the amount and quality of information is indeed impressive…tells the story of South Dakota from a variety of perspectives in a manner that is at once both engaging and compelling…belongs in all South Dakota libraries.”— South Dakota Library Association’s Book Marks (2005)

“Detailed, readable, and brings the South Dakota story in its many facets completely up to date, a great service to the public and to scholars working in the field of Great Plains, agricultural, or Native American history.”— Great Plains Quarterly (2007)


“Spirits and the South Dakota Land,” by Lakota author Vine Deloria, Jr.

“Small Towns: Image and Reality,” by South Dakota historian John E. Miller

“Women Writers,” by South Dakota literary scholar Ruth Ann Alexander

“Tiyospaye: A Traditional Sioux Family Today,” by Lakota author and National Humanities Medalist Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve


Physical Environment, Edward Hogan

Native Peoples, Herbert Hoover

Exploration and the Fur Trade, Rex Myers

Missouri Valley Culture, Herbert Hoover

Native Americans in Dakota Territory, Herbert Hoover

Territorial Politics and Politicians, Herbert Hoover

Yankee and European Settlement, Gary Olson

African Americans, Betti VannEpps-Taylor

Cities and Towns, Gary Olson

Politics Since Statehood, John Miller

Farming: Dependency and Depopulation, Lynwood Oyos

Ranching: East to West, Bob Lee

Black Hills in Transition, David Wolff

Catholic Missions, Churches, and Schools, Carol Hoover

Protestant Faith and Learning, Lynwood Oyos

Literature, Arthur Huseboe

Visual Arts, Ron Robinson

Performing Arts, Arthur Huseboe

Health Care, Herbert Hoover

Communications, Ron Robinson

Transportation and Tourism, Rex Myers

Modern Tribes, Herbert Hoover

South Dakota in the Twenty-first Century, Michael Mullin

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