Argus Leader: Dave Krauth Records 400th Career Win

Augustana's Krauth: 400 wins and counting

Matt Zimmer, Argus Leader

Sunday's win over St. Cloud State was the 400th career win for Augustana women's basketball coach Dave Krauth.

Now in his 21st season, Krauth has directed the Vikings to 10 NCAA Division II playoff berths and had only one losing season. His record at Augie (after first posting a 347-143 record as a high school coach) stands at 400-186.

Known for a fast-paced style that emphasizes the transition game and 3-point shooting, Krauth is one of the most respected coaches not only in Augustana athletic history, but around the region.

The Sioux Falls College grad will be honored at a ceremony at halftime of the Augustana men's game Friday night.

On Monday, several of Krauth's admirers weighed in on the veteran coach reaching the 400-win plateau:

Augie athletic director Bill Gross: "He's done a phenomenal job, and we're very fortunate to have him. When he took over the program we were an average team at best, and he immediately transformed the program. What I respect the most about Dave is that he always gets the absolute most out of his talent. His teams are fun to watch, how they get up and down the floor, but they also do the little things right. He's a great teacher of the game."

Southwest Minnesota State coach and former Viking assistant Mike Jewett: "He does it differently than anyone I've ever met, and I mean that in the most positive way I can. He keeps thing fairly simple, but he gets his players to buy into it and understand that they have a responsibility to make themselves better on a daily basis. There's no yelling and screaming. I think one of his overriding principles is that more is not always better. He's interested in the quality of how you do something more than the duration you do it. That's why his teams are always playing their best basketball at the end of the year. They're fresh and well-polished and still excited about coming to practice every day."

Amy Puthoff, 2009 graduate and the Vikings' eighth all-time leading scorer: "When you come out of high school, you think you know it all, but then Dave shows you how much different it really is. He teaches you Xs and Os and challenges you to make yourself better as a player and a student. He's very consistent. What you see is what you get. There are no surprises, and I always liked that about him."

Vikings men's coach Tom Billeter: "He knows exactly what he wants to do and how to get it done. That doesn't mean he won't adapt, but I just think it's a real credit to him that he's been able to develop a system and stick to it. People forget how phenomenally tough the NCC was all those years, with North Dakota State, South Dakota State, USD, North Dakota and all those teams. It was without a doubt the toughest Division II league in the country, and year in and year out he was getting 20 wins."

USF coach and former Augie assistant Travis Traphagen: "Dave does such a good job of running his system. It hasn't changed a bit. That's why my philosophy is similar, because I learned so much from him. He's my mentor."

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Matt Zimmer
Argus Leader