Eighty-Seven Students Pursuing Studies Abroad

SIOUX FALLS – The 2010 January Interim at Augustana (January 4 thru 27) finds 87 students studying on seven continents - Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, and Europe.

The students were placed through the Upper Midwest Association for Intercultural Education (UMAIE), the Education Abroad Network, various Augustana programs, and independent study.

“We are absolutely thrilled at the large number of students abroad this January as well as the diversity of the locales in which they selected to study,” said Ben Iverson, Associate Director of International Programs at Augustana. “The fact that we have so many passionate Augustana faculty members leading courses abroad and encouraging students to consider such experiences has really been the driving force behind this growth.”

Believing that interpersonal, intercultural, and international relations are a vital aspect of a student’s education, Augustana regards the whole world as its classroom. Study abroad and off-campus programs are open to all students who are in good academic standing and sufficiently mature to benefit from such experiences.

”Our students know that January interim is designed to be a time for exploration outside of one's major, and there are few better ways to immerse oneself in another culture, language or perspective than studying abroad,” Iverson said. “We're pleased that so many students are taking advantage of these wonderful study abroad opportunities at Augustana.”

In addition, 13 Augustana faculty members are teaching courses abroad. They are:

  • Dr. Reynold Nesiba, Economics Department, is in Australia teaching “Australia in the Global Economy.”
    (Dr. Nesiba's class is shown in the image above, right)
  • Dr. Steve VanBockern, Education Department, is in Australia teaching “Youth at Risk: An Australian Perspective.”
  • Dr. Kevin Buell, Business Administration Department, is teaching a business course in Australia.
  • Dr. Craig Spencer, Biology Department, and Dr. David O’Hara, Department of Religion, are teaching “Tropical Ecology of Guatemala and Belieze,” and “Spanish Immersion” in Guatemala and Belize.
  • Dr. Sandra Looney, English/Journalism Department, and Dr. John Pennington, Music Department, are in India teaching “Dharma: Life and Religion and Music in Contemporary India.”
  • Dr. Michael Mullin, History Department, is in Hawaii teaching “Peopling Paradise: A History of Hawaii.”
  • Professor Sam Ogdie, Modern Foreign Languages Department, is teaching “Arab and Jewish Influence in Spain and Morocco.”
  • Dr. Muriel Larson, Professor Emeritus of Nursing, is in Greece teaching “The Greek Connection: Embracing Transcultural Caring in Ancient Nursing and Modern Greece.”
  • Professor Pam Schroeder, Nursing Department, is teaching “Leadership in Professional Nursing” in Norway and Germany.
  • Professor Vickie Rieff, Nursing Department is teaching “Leadership in Professional Nursing” in Ecuador.
  • Professor Patricia Waltman, Nursing Department, is teaching “Leadership in Professional Nursing” in the Dominican Republic.

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