Partnership with Bodø University College in Norway

Augustana College Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Jason M. Harris, and Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Dr. Michael Nitz, are currently visiting Bodø University College in Bodø, Norway, planning for the expansion of the current partnership between the two colleges. Harris and Nitz were recently featured on the Bodø University College Web site in the following article:

Augustana College Partnership Visit Looks Ahead

Peter Glanfield, Bodø University College

Assistant Professor Jason M. Harris and Associate Professor Michael Nitz from Augustana College, USA, here seen with Assistant professor Frode Fjelldal-Solberg at Bodø Graduate School of Business (image right), are currently visiting Bodø University College. They look forward to extending the partner cooperation with Bodø University College in the coming years. The fields of sustainable management, law, human resources and business administration and ethics offer interesting opportunities—as well as, of course, the well-proven student exchange programme in nursing.

Pioneer work
Both Assistant Professor Jason M. Harris and Associate Professor Michael Nitz are quick to credit Donn Grinager, Director of International Programs at Augustana and Wenche Sørfonden for the dynamic development of partner cooperation between Augustana College, USA and Bodø University College. So far much of the student exchange has been concentrated on nursing students who have moved in both directions over The Atlantic—with great success.

Expansion to other study fields

Now the time has come to expand into other study fields of mutual interest for the two institutions, says Harris and is backed up eagerly by Nitz on this point.

Several fields seem interesting for us to work together on: law (Jason Harris is himself a lawyer), business administration and ethics, energy management and human resources, reflects Nitz. We have proved this partnership works, and now we can build further on this—to benefit both institutions.

Student and staff exchange
Both student and staff exchange are important to keep the cooperation moving along—and who knows? With time research cooperation can certainly evolve.

The more faculty staff get involved in this cooperation, the better. I am particularly looking forward to working more on Energy Management with which I have excellent experience so far—through Augustana students participating in parts of the programme, concludes Michael Nitz before moving on to more partnership discussions.

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