Augustana Physics Professor Interviewed by SDPB

SIOUX FALLS, SD – This month’s installment of Dakota Life, produced by South Dakota Public Broadcasting, includes an interview with Augustana physics professor, Dr. Drew Alton.

Dr. Alton was interviewed in connection with a segment on the Davis-Bachall scholarship program at the Sanford Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (SUSEL) in Lead, S.D. During the summer of 2009, he helped train the inaugural class of Davis-Bachall scholars, made up of students who had just completed high school or their freshman year of college. The students were exposed to physics research involving neutrinos and dark matter at SUSEL and at a similar experiment in Gran Sasso, Italy. The story may be viewed on the SDPB website.

By hosting a broad range of experiments down to the 4,850-foot level, the underground laboratory at Homestake will advance understanding of the universe and demonstrate the feasibility of an even larger project — the National Science Foundation’s proposed Deep Underground Science & Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL) at Homestake.

Augustana is a partner in these projects through Dr. Alton’s involvement in many aspects of the work, including the Davis-Bachall program and the development of the multi-ton Argon and Xenon detector.

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