Alumna Receives Award for Teaching

SIOUX FALLS, SD –Ann Hollander Hanson-Hobot, class of 1985, is the recipient of a 2010 Teacher Outstanding Performance (TOP) Award from the Anoka-Hennepin (Minnesota) School District.

Hanson-Hobot is a graduate of Sioux Falls Washington High School and majored in education of the deaf and hard of hearing, and elementary education at Augustana. She has been teaching in Anoka-Hennepin schools for 23 years. She is currently working with students primarily at Coon Rapids Middle School, but also as an itinerant teacher at Roosevelt Middle School and Johnsville Elementary.

The Coon Rapids Middle School student who nominated Hanson-Hobot said her teacher was her role model and taught her how much she could do. “She was talking to me about college plans before most middle-schoolers even think about college. She wanted me to do the best I could, she taught me I was just as smart as everyone else. Mrs. Hanson-Hobot helped me learn by taking the time to make sure I learned in the best way possible. She is the reason I accept myself with pride.”

The TOP Award program is designed to involve parents, students, and community members in recognizing exemplary teachers and to reward teachers for their efforts. Winners are selected based on nominations and applications from nominees, which are reviewed by a committee of parents, community members, and district administrators.

Hanson-Hobot states, “Teaching is an art form that draws its inspiration from the desire to captivate and nourish the innate curiosity for learning that resides within each student. Moreover, it is a collaborative effort that exceeds the boundaries of the classroom. My family and colleagues, along with the parents of my students, and a vast array of community resources have all contributed to this ongoing creative process. What a privilege it is to be part of such an honorable endeavor.”

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