Dr. Ann Pederson Receives 2009-10 Faculty Recognition Award

SIOUX FALLS, SD - Dr. Ann Pederson, Professor of Religion, is the recipient of the Augustana Student Association (ASA) 2009-2010 Faculty Recognition Award. The award recognizes outstanding teaching and contributions to the Augustana community by a faculty member.

Students nominate a professor they feel displays one or more of the five core values of the College (Christian, Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community, Service) as well as how that faculty member has positively impacted their experience at Augustana.

An excerpt from Dr. Pederson’s nomination reads: “Dr. Pederson truly pushes students to explore their faith. Although we may become frustrated, it is my opinion that growing towards a more mature religious faith means being pushed from your comfort zone and confronting difficult questions. Dr. Pederson is able to push students in such a way that they are not necessarily uncomfortable being outside their comfort zone, but feel excited and welcomed to be in such a place where they have the opportunity to grow and have Dr. Pederson guide them through their religious journey.”

Dr. Pederson is the recipient of the Vernon and Mildred Niebuhr Faculty Excellence Award and has served as the Stanley L. Olsen Chair of Moral Values. She is a past chair of the Religion/Philosophy/Classics Department. During the 2009-10 academic year she served as interim Campus Pastor.

Dr. Pederson is a native of Bozeman, Montana. She has degrees from Montana State University, United Theological Seminary, and Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. She has been teaching at Augustana since 1990 and is the author of three books, God, Creation, and All That Jazz, Where in the World is God?, and The Music of Creation.

She was a presenter in the Augustana Thought Leader Forum on What it Means to be Human: Spirituality, Technology & Disease. She is the featured speaker at the Class of 2010 celebration May 21 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

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