The Augustana: Autumn 2010 Issue

Like Always, Like Never Before

A message from Rob Oliver, President of Augustana College

Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.”

That quote comes to mind as I think about our Sesquicentennial. As we’ve prepared to celebrate Augustana’s 150th anniversary of providing an education of enduring worth, I’ve spent a great deal of time looking back at the historical accounts of our first 150 years. I’ve learned a lot about our Norwegian founders – including the ideas and beliefs that first inspired them and, later, propelled them despite numerous daunting challenges.

What’s clear to me is that since 1860, change has been the constant thread in the fabric of Augustana’s storied history: Changes in location; changes in leadership; and changes in economics, demographics, and societal norms. All the while, what has not changed is our steadfast commitment to the mission of Augustana.

Features in the Autumn 2010 Issue:

And you, dear friends, are holding proof of that in your hands today. [Editor's note: those reading this online point to that proof with their mouse.]

We are proud to present the inaugural issue of The Augustana, the new magazine for alumni and friends of Augustana. We’re looking forward to sharing news about the College, featuring stories of the exceptional students and renowned faculty who grace our campus and introducing you to some of our graduates who are engaged in inspiring activities across the globe.

In this issue, you’ll read about enrollment trends, scholarly accomplishments and key accolades we’ve received; and you’ll see features on accomplished alumni, amazing student gardeners, our outstanding student-athletes, and the remarkable professors of the Music Department and their budding musicians.

You’ll have a chance to read about Augustana’s early history and hear from some of our most iconic voices, including Dr. Joyce Nelson, Dr. Lyn Oyos and Dr. Ken Kessinger, as they reflect on the tenacious spirit and pioneering foresight of this institution’s early founders.

And, you’ll learn that nearly 60 of our students participated in scientific research projects this summer – the second highest number in Augustana history.

Recently, I had the opportunity to tour the Student Poster Session at the Gilbert Science Complex, the annual event showcasing our students’ summer research initiatives.

I was, quite simply, amazed by their scholarship and engagement. At Augustana, we’ve proudly supported a culture of discovery for 150 years. Today, thanks to our exceptional faculty and low student-to-professor ratios, our students have the chance to conduct research – to discover change – right alongside our faculty scientists, as early as their freshman year.

As we look toward our next 150 years, Augustana is far from “finished.” While we continue to hold strong to the vision and values that are cornerstone to our culture, Augustana will continue to change, adapt and innovate to serve the needs of our students. We pledge to continue celebrating the Augustana Like Always, and investing in the Augustana Like Never Before!

We hope you enjoy this, the first issue of The Augustana.

Yours, for Augustana,

Rob Oliver
President of the College

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