Editorial: 'Augie is Key Part of City'

The following editorial appears in the April 14 issue of the Argus Leader:

Augie is key part of city
On its 150th anniversary, college has solid reputation

There's no mistaking the impact that Augustana College makes on Sioux Falls.

Though the institution operates rather quietly, it has expanded its presence and campus over the years to become a dominant part of Sioux Falls' makeup.

Along the way, the college has maintained a solid reputation for delivering a strong, liberals arts education.

That reputation is integral to the city's high quality of living, and it remains one of Sioux Falls' key selling points.

And even though its roots extend to other cities, Augustana is firmly a Sioux Falls institution.

As the college celebrates its 150th anniversary, Augustana undoubtedly will remain a critical component the city has to offer businesses and residents.

As such, we celebrate Augustana's heritage and impact not only on Sioux Falls but the entire region.

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Communications & Media Relations