FREEDOM Film Tour Making Stop at Augustana Sept. 19

Augie Green, Augustana’s student-led environmental club, and POET, the world's largest ethanol producer, today announced that the FREEDOM Film Tour, featuring an investigative documentary on alternative fuels and a full size, ethanol-burning bus covered in solar panels and wired with high-tech learning tools, will roll through campus on Monday, Sept. 19.

The FREEDOM Bus will be located outside the Morrison Commons from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The film, “FREEDOM,” will be shown at 7 p.m. in Kresge Recital Hall.

The bus and the film are free and open to the public.

Film Makes ‘Compelling Case’ for Homegrown Energy

Produced by award-winning filmmakers Josh Tickell and Rebecca Tickell, “FREEDOM” started out as a documentary about the recent Gulf Coast oil spill disaster.

It became something very different.

“[The film] ‘FREEDOM’ makes a completely compelling case that by converting our dependence on oil to a literally homegrown source of energy, we achieve several goals. First, we improve our economy by spending energy dollars here; second, we create more jobs; third, we base our energy needs on a renewable resource (corn and biomass); and fourth,
we reduce our impact on the environment,” says reviewer
Patrick Robinson of the West Seattle Herald.

Upcoming Thought Leader Forum to Discuss Energy Revolution
The FREEDOM Tour coincides with the September 29 Thought Leader Forum, “Revolutionizing Energy,” featuring Doug Berven ’91, vice president of corporate affairs for POET, the world’s largest ethanol producer.

To promote the film, the husband-and-wife team, who also produced the Sundance Film Festival’s Award-winning documentary, "Fuel," are now on a three-month, 30-city “North American Clean Energy Tour” in their fully customized Freedom Bus, a “green” constructed, highly energy efficient vehicle that showcases the latest biofuel-efficient advanced fuels along with wind, solar and water technology.

The Tickells will be on the Augustana campus throughout the day on Sept. 19.

“FREEDOM” stars Ed Begley, Jr., Amy Smart and Michelle Rodriguez, along with cameo appearances by POET CEO Jeff Broin, Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, former NATO Commander Wesley Clark, singer/songwriter Jason Mraz (who scored the film) and international author Deepak Chopra.

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Communications & Media Relations