Thought Leader Forum to Discuss 'Disorder on the Border'

Drug smuggling. Human smuggling. Death by dehydration. Death from disorientation.

Welcome to life on the southern border of the U.S. – a place that, according to those who live and work there – exists in a state of crisis.

And, according to one researcher, the more Americans read about the situation in newspapers, watch it unfold on TV, and listen to spirited debates on the radio, the worse the reality gets.

Dr. Cari Skogberg Eastman ‘96, author and independent researcher specializing in border and immigration issues, will discuss “Disorder on the Border” at the Augustana Thought Leader Forum at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 18, at CJ Callaway’s Event Center.

Reserved tickets are $20 and include lunch. Tickets at the door are $25. To order, visit or call 605.274.4404.

“Disorder on the Border”

Featuring Dr. Cari Skogberg Eastman '96 author and independent researcher

“Outraged activists along the Arizona/Sonora border, regardless of their positions on immigration, agree that recent federal policies have produced disastrous effects. The creative and often controversial ways they have chosen to address the problems inherent in current immigration laws have captured the attention of media, and in turn, the national public,” said Skogberg Eastman.

“Disorder on the Border will examine the story of immigration in the 21st century through the eyes of concerned citizens advocating for justice along what is currently the most heavily crossed stretch of the U.S./Mexico border.”

Dr. Eastman’s research highlights the powerful contributions of both media and adamant members of civil society in shaping public understanding about the border and those traversing it.

“Citizens will be challenged to reconsider their personal beliefs about immigration – and about their own national identity – by evaluating the way in which mediated depictions of civil society along the Arizona/Sonora border have inspired and informed the national immigration debate.”

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Communications & Media Relations