Augustana Students Push to End the 'R Word'

In recognition of national "Ban the R-Word" day, a day to promote awareness of the campaign to stop using the word "retarded," members of Augustana’s Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) gathered together to show their support.

This fall, SCEC, a 40-member student organization comprised mostly of special education majors, unveiled its own campaign to “Ban the R-Word.”

To place the campaign front and center, SCEC sold “Ban the R-Word” t-shirts and started a Facebook group, “Augie Ban the R-Word Shirts.”

“The ‘R-Word’ is degrading to people with disabilities, their families, Special Education majors, teachers, friends and countless others,” said senior Katie Anderson, SCEC treasurer. “Unfortunately, we hear it used on our campus as we walk down the hallways, in the Commons over dinner, and even in classroom discussions. There are so many alternative words in our daily language. Please, refrain from using the ‘R-Word.’ It will make a difference!”

Augustana students support national "Ban the R-Word" day