Following Boston Bombings, Professor Organizing "Joy Run"

Following the bombings at the Boston Marathon earlier this week, an Augustana professor is organizing a run to promote the idea that "because we exist, we should not forget to live."

The "Joy Run," led by Dr. David O'Hara, associate professor of philosophy and classics, will begin at 2:26 p.m. on Sunday, April 21. Runners/walkers will gather in the Elmen Center parking lot and will run/walk for 2.62 miles (one tenth of a marathon). Each runner/walker will be asked to make a donation to a nonprofit that promotes public good and cares for those who are suffering.

"There will always be people who want to limit life, who say no to life, who mail suspicious packages and kill strangers.  I feel sorry for them; may God bless them by helping them learn to say yes to life, love, and wisdom. Because they exist, we'll always need to be vigilant," O'Hara says in his blog post detailing the run. "But because we exist, we should not forget to live. Brightly, joyfully, exuberantly."

"And so, this Sunday, inspired by those who ran exuberantly in the Boston Marathon, my friends and I are going to run. For my life, and for theirs, and wishing life and joy to everyone, everywhere."

No sign-up is necessary. Those wishing to participate should meet at the Elmen Center.