Augustana Grad Studies Icefish in Antarctica

Augustana alumni are scattered throughout the globe. Earlier this spring, the College could even count an Augustana Viking on the South Pole.

In April and May, alumnus Braeden McCluskey ’09 spent time conducting research in Antarctica as a part of his Ph.D. program. He is studying at the University of Oregon in the biology and neuroscience department.

His blog, “Brady in Antarctica: a Boat, a Pole, and Some Fish” details some of his South Pole adventures, including a search for penguins and fishing trips.

He comments on his blog that he was “fishing for icefish (not to be confused with ice fishing).”

McCluskey is studying icefish, concentrating on their bone loss and its relation to ailments like osteoporosis in humans.

He arrived to Antarctica via boat after flying to Chile. His base, Palmer Station, is directly below the tip of South America.

While at college, McCluskey presented “Transcription of mRNA in the rat VTA during cocaine withdrawal” at the Augustana Symposium. He also made the “Who’s Who” list of distinguished college students in America.

– Kristina Johnson '13