A Day in the Life of a Freshman

From move-in day to J-Term, the Class of 2017, including freshmen Katie Romano and Kellen Klubben, has been charging through its first year on campus.

Romano is a Biology and Spanish double major from Canon City, Colo.

Klubben is a Biochemistry major from St. Peter, Minn.

Romano and Klubben kicked off their Augustana experience during Freshman Move-In and New Student Orientation activities earlier this fall.

"As a freshman, the Augustana experience begins the minute you arrive on campus for move-in day. Whether you're moving into Bergsaker or Solberg hall, both buildings are jumping with upperclassmen and Student Services team members on hand to help you unload your car and move into your room," Augustana's video tours web page explains. "Once you're settled, you'll participate in a variety of events to help you form bonds and friendships with your fellow classmates and learn your way around campus. From games to picnics to bonfires and concerts, your first week at Augustana will be among the most important 'beginnings' of your life."

View the video from Freshman Move-In Day 2013 and find additional video tours of Augustana.

Take a glimpse at what a 'Day in the Lives' of these two Augustana freshmen looked like during fall semester:

Katie Romano

Katie Romano

I wake up at 8 a.m. to get ready and grab breakfast before my 9 a.m. class. After I’m dressed and ready, I head to the Commons for breakfast with friends who share a 9 a.m. class.

My M-W-F schedule is:
Civitas, Exploring the Christian Faith: 9 a.m.
Chemistry 120: 11 a.m.
Biology 120: 12 p.m.
Classical Mythology: 1 p.m.

My T-TH schedule is:
Chemistry lab: 10 a.m.
Biology lab: 2 p.m.
New Student Seminar: 10 a.m.

My favorite class so far has been Exploring the Christian Faith because Dr. Haar really encourages class discussions and makes you think outside the box.

The professors who have impressed me the most so far have been Dr. Haar (Religion) and Dr. Duffy-Matzner (Chemistry).

For lunch I usually meet up with friends after class and get a late lunch after my 1-2 p.m. class.

My all-time favorite meal on campus is the stir fry station because they have so many delicious options!

If I get the chance to eat off-campus, my favorite restaurant in Sioux Falls is: Bagel Boy!

After my last class, you can find me in the GSC or Library studying.

From 5-7 p.m., I am eating dinner and working on assignments.


View Augustana's video tours, including a video of Freshman Move-In Week 2013.

From 7-10 p.m., you’ll usually find me attending meetings or working at the Elmen.

After I’m done studying, for fun I like to go to athletic events, concerts, and watch movies with friends.I usually go to bed around midnight.


Kellen Klubben

Kellen Klubben
I wake up at
8 o’clock every weekday and I sleep in on the weekend.

After I am dressed and ready, I study for an hour or two until my first class, which on most days doesn’t start until 11 a.m.

My M-W-F schedule is:
Spanish: 11 a.m.
Biology 120: 12 p.m.
Chemistry: 2 p.m.

My T-TH schedule is:
Trustees Fellowship Chemistry: 10 a.m.
Spanish: 11 a.m
Biology Lab: 2 p.m.
New Student Seminar: 9 p.m.
Chemistry Lab: 1:30 p.m.

Biology is my favorite class so far, because it has always been one of my favorite classes and I find it the most interesting.

The professor who has impressed me the most so far has been Dr. Eichler (Chemistry). He is very interesting and is always in a lighthearted mood, making learning fun and easy.

For lunch I usually go to the Commons around 1 p.m. with my friends and eat whatever I can find.

My favorite meal at Augustana is the Augie Bowl (mashed potatoes, chicken, corn, gravy, and cheese).

If I get the chance to eat off-campus, my favorite restaurant in Sioux Falls is Buffalo Wild Wings.

After my last class, you can find me either in the Elmen playing basketball, or in one of the day rooms working on homework.

From 5-7 p.m., I am splitting my time between supper and homework/studying.

From 7-10 p.m., you’ll usually find me in my room studying or hanging out with my friends. (There is a lot of studying during the week, but during the weekend is when it all pays off. You can have fun most of the weekend and not worry about homework.)

After I’m done studying, for fun I like to relax around my room and watch Netflix or see what my friends are up to and stir up a little chaos on 4th floor. I normally go to bed around 12 a.m. after I’ve relaxed for a while and eaten.

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