Miller Named 2013-14 Faculty Recognition Award Recipient

Dr. Jeffrey Miller, associate professor of English and Journalism and director of Civitas, is the recipient of the 2013-2014 Augustana Student Association (ASA) Faculty Recognition Award. The award recognizes outstanding teaching and contributions to the Augustana Community by a faculty member.

Students nominate professors they feel display one or more of the five core values of the College (Christian, Liberal Arts, Excellence, Community, Service) as well as how those faculty members have positively impacted their experiences at Augustana.

Following are excerpts from Dr. Miller's nominations:

"In establishing Augustana's Civitas Honors Program, Dr. Jeffrey Miller stands as a pertinent example of excellence. Civitas encourages students to embrace all of Augustana's core values; they are the pillars of the program, and Civitas students are encouraged to explore topics directly related to each of them. By spearheading this program and seeing it through, Dr. Miller helped create a legacy at Augustana that will endure for generations to come."

“I firmly believe that this professor is one of the very best and the brightest, most humble and hardworking professors of our already superior staff at Augustana College. This professor has never allowed me an A, but continually pushed me towards my best work with an improvable A-minus. This professor has patiently advised me through discussions of thesis work and the possibility of switching majors. This professor has been there to advise me through difficult classes and difficult seasons in life outside of the classroom, equally thoughtful, professional, and fair in all cases. And although this professor would defer with grace and humility this award to another professor, this professor’s personal and professional contributions to Augustana College are worth nothing short of pride and honorable recognition.”

“With Dr. Miller’s tireless forethought, organization and management, Civitas has instructed and contoured some of the finest students from Augustana College, networking the brightest professors in teamwork from all departments for extraordinary classes in justice, freedom, pertinence, and deputyship.”

Miller teaches courses in journalism, as well as foundational courses in composition and literature. He also teaches American film and the capstone course “Cinema, Character and Culture,” in addition to the “Reading Augustana” course in the Civitas program. His areas of interest include transnational television and film and American media history. He is the author of "Something Completely Different: British Television and American Culture" (University of Minnesota Press, 2000). He also serves as adviser to the college newspaper, The Mirror. Miller’s Ph.D. in American Studies is from Michigan State University.

The ASA Faculty Award recipient is invited to speak at Senior Celebration over Commencement weekend. This year, Senior Celebration is set for Friday, May 23.