Nate Dally Named 2014 Augie Pride Award Recipient

Senior Director of Development Nate Dally received the 2014 Augie Pride award at the Augustana Service Awards Presentation and Celebration on Wednesday afternoon.

The Augie Pride award recognizes exceptional service to the College. Since 1999, 19 “Augie Pride” awards have been presented.

During his 25 years at Augustana, Dally has helped lead numerous major fundraising initiatives, including the nearly complete $120 million Momentum Augustana campaign, the largest in College history. Since its launch, Momentum Augustana has raised unprecedented support for the endowment and has secured funding for significant capital improvement projects on campus, including the $7 million renovation of Mikkelsen Library; multiple venues for athletic competition, including Kirkeby-Over Football Stadium, Morstad Soccer Field and the Huether Tennis Centre; and the future Sven G. Froiland Science Complex, a $35 million project featuring an addition to, and complete renovation of, the existing Gilbert Science Center.

A native of Sioux Falls, Dally earned his bachelor's degree from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., majoring in business administration, political science and English. He and his wife, Mary, are parents to three children: Maggie, Jonah and Gabe.

The event also honored members of the Augustana community who will retire after this academic year:

  • Kathy Black (Mikkelsen Library)
  • Dr. Dennis Bolen (Business Administration)
  • Dr. Christina DeVita (Psychology)
  • Judy Dovenmuehler (Financial Aid)
  • Sheree Gross (Student Health & Counseling)
  • Jackie Johnson (Campus Learning Center)
  • Mary Jane Minnig (Social Science Division)
  • Steve Thomas (Art)

Milestone service awards were also presented:

  • 10 Years of Service:
    • RJ Fitzsimmons (Theatre)
    • Shelly Gardner (Business Administration)
    • Dr. Joel Johnson (Government and International Affairs)
    • Peggy Kirby (HPER/Athletics)
    • Larry Kraemer (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Craig Kuper (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Amy Meyers (Human Resources)
    • Rick Tupper (Campus Safety)
    • Dr. Eric Wells (Physics)
  • 15 Years of Service:
    • Jeanne Carter (Music)
    • Dr. Geoff Dipple (History)
    • Dr. Jetty Duffy-Matzner (Chemistry)
    • Geoff Gunderson (Music)
    • Mike Humpal (Campus Safety)
    • Jaciel Keltgen (Business Administration)
    • Karen Mahan (Education)
    • Dr. Steve Matzner (Biology)
    • Jennifer Meiners (Advancement Office)
    • Kent Wilson (Buildings and Grounds)
  • 20 Years of Service:
    • Michael Andersen (Music)
    • Lisa Brunick (Library)
    • Donovan DeJong (Information Technology Services)
    • Judy Dovenmuehler (Financial Aid)
    • Becky Folkerts (Library)
    • Dr. Lisa Grevlos (Music)
    • Sheree Gross (Student Health & Counseling)
    • Cheryl Jackson Nelson (English)
    • Dr. Scott Johnson (Music)
    • Libby King (Biology)
    • Steve Lathrop (Information Technology Services)
    • Dr. Karen Younger (Nursing)
  • 25 Years of Service:
    • Dr. Janet Blank-Libra (English/Journalism)
    • Dr. Dennis Bolen (Business Administration)
    • Mike Chapman (Biology)
    • Nate Dally (Advancement)
    • Dr. Brian Eggleston (Economics)
    • Carmen Hecht (Recreational Services)
    • Mark Hecht (Recreational Services)
    • Dr. Mike Mullin (History)
    • Dr. Anne Oppegard (Business Administration)
    • Denita Pesicka (Information Technology Services)
    • Vance Shoemaker (Music)
    • Anna Vorhes (Music)
  • 30 Years of Service:
    • Dan Drenkow (Information Technology Services)
    • Steve Thomas (Art)
    • Dr. Harry Thompson (Center for Western Studies)
    • Ronelle Thompson (Library)
    • Dr. Steve Van Bockern (Education)
    • Albert Wendt (Buildings and Grounds)
  • 35 Years of Service:
    • Dr. Christina DeVita (Psychology)
    • Betty Erickson (President’s Office)
    • Lorna Gross (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Dr. Murray Haar (Religion)
    • Ed Kelly (Buildings and Grounds)

Past Augie Pride Winners

Mike Wajer (1999), Glenn Wika (1999), Mark Hecht (2000), Larry Borgum (2001), Stan Eitreim (2002), Judy Dovenmuehler (2003), Nancy Davidson (2004), Butch Huizenga (2005), Mary Jane Minnig (2006), Carol Weisz (2007), Donn Grinager (2008), Dianne Hammrich (2009), Peg Ustad (2009), Mary Moline (2010), Marsha Brooks (2011), Tracy Riddle (2011), Adam Heinitz (2012), Jeff Holm (2013) and Nate Dally (2014).