Class of 2014 Grads: 99% Placement

According to a new study, 99 percent of recent Augustana grads seeking advanced study (graduate or professional) or employment related to their major or chosen field have achieved their goals.*

The numbers come from Augustana’s annual survey and report of the vocational and educational destinations** of recent alumni during the first eight months following graduation.

Other statistics about Augustana’s May 2014 graduates include:

  • Among those who pursued positions in nursing, human services and education, 100 percent are now employed in those fields.
  • The average starting salary reported is $40,671.
  •  Even though a higher percentage of Augustana students come from outside South Dakota, the majority of graduates (59 percent) found careers within the state.
  • 23 percent of the Augustana Class of 2014 went on to pursue graduate and professional study at institutions*** around the country including:
    • Harvard University
    • Yale University
    • Columbia University
    • Stanford University
    • Princeton Theological Seminary
    • Baylor University
    • Colorado State University
    • Creighton University
    • University of Wisconsin
    • University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine
    • Drake University
    • Arizona State University
    • Luther Seminary
    • North Dakota State University
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Nebraska
    • And others
  • Over the last five years, 96 percent of recent alumni surveyed reported participating in high-impact learning experiences as undergraduates, such as internships, research, student teaching, clinical work, study abroad, and field work.

“These numbers continue to illustrate that an Augustana education is a great investment,” said Rob Oliver, president. “Augustana’s class of 2014 secured employment with 160 unique employers in seven countries, 16 states and the District of Columbia.”

“We continue to feel a great sense of pride when employers compliment our graduates for their ability to analyze information and draw conclusions, think critically and problem-solve, communicate effectively, collaborate, engage technology, and act with global awareness,” Oliver said. “Because our graduates are equipped with these vital 21st-century skills, employers continue to seek them out for key positions and leadership roles within their organizations.”

“We’re also pleased that the majority of our new graduates found careers in South Dakota,” Oliver said. “That means that Augustana continues to be a net importer of intellectual capital to the state.”

Billie Streufert, director of Augustana’s Student Success Center, agreed.

“As we heard from graduates, it was exciting to learn they had secured meaningful jobs and are assets in the workplace,” Streufert said. “Employers and graduate schools consistently remain interested in the talented students at Augustana because of their broad range of practical skills and experience-based education. We are honored to help graduates launch their careers and achieve their professional goals.”

* Of the graduates who provided information and specified a career goal.

** Data on May 2014 graduates was collected by the Augustana Career Center over an eight-month period. Mixed methods were used to collect self-reported information from graduates.

*** Graduate schools reflected here and in the graph above represent institutions pursued by Augustana graduates over the last 10 years. Example employers and common job titles reflected in the graph above represent data on Augustana graduates over the last five years.