Augustana Sophomore Places Second in 'Jeopardy!' Semifinals

Hannah Norem competes on "Jeopardy!"

Sophomore Hannah Norem competes on "Jeopardy!"

After winning a "Daily Double" and making it through tough categories including "Leather," "Religion," and "Four Syllable Words," Augustana sophomore Hannah Norem had a score of $9,100 heading into the Final Jeopardy round of the "Jeopardy! College Championship" in an episode that aired on Tuesday.

The "Final Jeopardy" category was "World Literature."

The answer, host Alex Trebek said, was this: "It was originally published in 1915 under the German title 'Die Verwandlung,' meaning 'The Transformation.'"

Norem's response, "What is Metamorphosis," was correct.

She'd wagered big – all $9,100 – taking her total up to $18,200.

Her closest opponent, Sam Deutsch from the University of Southern California, also responded correctly. His wager took his total to $18,201.

For those who can't believe their eyes, yes, it was a difference of $1.

For the dozens of students, faculty and staff who cheered Norem on during a "Jeopardy!" watch party on Tuesday in the Back Alley, the final totals didn't matter. There was cheering. There was clapping. And there was, without question, immeasurable pride for the woman who had advanced past thousands of applicants and more than 300 students who auditioned in person to compete as one of "America's 15 brightest college students."

As Norem's "Jeopardy!" journey comes to an end, she says she's thankful for the experience and for the $10,000 cash prize she earned as a wildcard semifinalist.

"Jeopardy was a great experience for me," Norem said. "I can't say enough about my fellow competitors. They are all incredibly intelligent and wonderful people, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to meet them but to also represent my school in front of 12 million viewers!"