Event Recognizes Wuestewald as 2018 Augie Pride Award Recipient; Celebrates Service and Retirements

2018 Augie Pride Award recipient Luanne Wuestewald (center) was joined by her daughter, Emily, and her husband, James, after receiving the award on campus on Wednesday, April 25.

Luanne Wuestewald, Augustana University’s payroll representative, received the Augie Pride Award at the Augustana Service Awards Presentation and Celebration on Wednesday, April 25.

The Augie Pride award recognizes exceptional service to the University. Since 1999, 25 Augie Pride awards have been presented. View past Augie Pride Award recipients.

Nominations for Wuestewald, who was also recognized for 10 years of service to AU, characterized her as someone who is always professional, friendly and helpful.

“She is diligent in any task she is given and is conscientious to a fault. She is always looking for ways to do things more efficiently and use our resources more wisely,” one nominator wrote. “She is always willing to help any student or staff and is also a caring co-worker.”

“What distinguishes Luanne is her character. She is encouraging to anyone who works with her. And, she loves Augie and believes in its mission.”

Another nominator described her as someone who never seeks recognition or fanfare, but rather, is dedicated to doing the best job possible.

“Luanne is someone who contributes to the life of the university in important, but oftentimes, unseen ways,” a nominator wrote. “She embodies the five core values of the university. Her Christian faith is important to her and it informs and guides the work she does and the way she interacts with people. She demands excellence from others as she expects it from herself. She is committed to the life of the university community and supports students in meaningful ways. And her role in the Business Office is one of service to those of us who depend on her for her work. She is open and eager to learn from the people she meets. She understands the world is diverse and rich and she warmly embraces life as it is and can be. She is the pride of Augustana.”


The event also honored members of the Augustana community who are retiring:

  • Kathy Castle (Social Sciences)
  • Jean Herrmann (Nursing)
  • Frank Hughes (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Sandra Looney (English/Journalism)
  • Ed Lueck (Archeology)
  • Curt Olson (Mathematics)
  • Bob Preloger (Advancement)
  • Peter Schotten (Government/International Affairs)
  • Pam Schroeder (Nursing)
  • Ann Vogelmann (Biology)
  • Duane Weisshaar (Chemistry)
  • Glenn Wika (IT Services)

Milestone Anniversaries

Milestone service awards were also presented to the following members of the campus community:

10 Years of Service:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Jean Herrmann (Nursing)
    • Stephen Minister (Religion/Philosophy/Classics)
    • Curt Olson (Mathematics)
    • Brenda Rieger (Biology)
    • Darcie Rives-East (English/Journalism)
    • Anne Zell (Psychology)
  • Admission
    • Peggy Kapusta (Online Communications)
    • Pete Roberts (Admission Data & Technology)
  • Athletics
    • Patty Coddington (Women’s Golf)
    • Ann Traphagen (Athletic Office)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Lonnie Hoefert (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Frank Hughes (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Don Kramer (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Matt Nelson (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Charlie Rose (Buildings and Grounds)
    • John Schuety (Buildings and Grounds)
    • Luanne Wuestewald (Business Office)

15 Years of Service:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Becky Fiala (Education)
    • Patrick Hicks (English/Journalism)
    • John Tomkins (Music)
  • Athletics
    • Tom Billeter (Men’s Basketball)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Jane Schroeder (Business Office/Advancement)
    • Doug Townsend (Buildings and Grounds)

20 Years of Service:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Julie Ashworth (Education)
    • Jeffrey Miller (English/Journalism)
    • David Sorenson (Economics)
    • Bill Swart (Sociology)
    • Ann Vogelmann (Biology)
  • Athletics
    • Juli Peterson (Athletic Office)
    • Jason Reitmeier (Wrestling)

25 Years of Service:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Sherry Barkley (Exercise and Sport Sciences)
    • Brian Gerry (Exercise and Sport Sciences)
    • Donn Grinager (International Programs)
    • Kaaren Melik-Stepanov (Music)
    • Linda Palmer (Archeology)
    • Tom Shields (Art)

30 Years of Service:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Stephan Lhotzky (Modern Foreign Languages)
    • Sue Schrader (Sociology)
  • Finance and Administration
    • Laine Halverson (Financial Aid)
  • Student Affairs
    • Judy Knadel (Campus Learning Center)

35 Years of Service:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Ed Lueck (Archeology)
    • Lynette Rossum (Archeology)
    • Gerry Punt (Art)
    • Marlys Vant Hul (Natural Sciences)

40 Years of Service:

  • Advancement
    • Brad Heegel (Performing and Visual Arts/Advancement)

50 Years of Service:

  • Academic Affairs
    • Glenn Wika (ITS)

Past Augie Pride Winners

Mike Wajer (1999), Glenn Wika (1999), Mark Hecht (2000), Larry Borgum (2001), Stan Eitreim (2002), Judy Dovenmuehler (2003), Nancy Davidson (2004), Butch Huizenga (2005), Mary Jane Minnig (2006), Carol Weisz (2007), Donn Grinager (2008), Dianne Hammrich (2009), Peg Ustad (2009), Mary Moline (2010), Marsha Brooks (2011), Tracy Riddle (2011), Adam Heinitz (2012), Jeff Holm (2013), Nate Dally (2014), Brenda Murtha (2015), Libby King (2016), Brian Rieger (2016), Rob & Angie Oliver (2017) and Deb Frederick (2017).

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Media Relations