King, Rieger Named 2016 Augie Pride Award Recipients

2016 Augie Pride Award recipients Libby King and Brian Rieger.

2016 Augie Pride Award recipients Libby King and Brian Rieger.

Libby King and Brian Rieger received Augie Pride awards at the Augustana Service Awards Presentation and Celebration on Wednesday, April 27.

The Augie Pride award recognizes exceptional service to the University. Since 1999, 22 Augie Pride awards have been presented.

Libby King serves as the biology lab coordinator and teaches labs for “Introduction to Biology,” “Principles I,” “Genetics,” “Cell Biology,” “Introductory Microbiology,” and “General Microbiology.”

She was described by a nominator as “the backbone, the glue, that keeps the department functioning.”

“... her first and last priority is to provide the best possible experience for all the students she interacts with during the course of her work,” another nominator wrote.

“... Libby serves a critical function in advising students, not only about academics, but also about life,” another nominator wrote.

“I have never seen so many students confide in a professor as often as students confide in Libby ... her empathy is ocean-deep, and students trust her with their most precious secrets, pain, and joys. And Libby feels all of those emotions right along with them. Libby is the ‘mother’ of the biology department,” a colleague wrote in a nomination letter.

King received her bachelor’s degree in medical technology from Southwest Missouri State and her master’s degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. She has been certified in medical technology by the American Society of Clinical Pathologists.

Brian Rieger is Augustana’s logistics coordinator, managing major event set-ups on campus and providing logistical and technology support for meetings and conferences.

He was described by a nominator as someone who “literally gives his all for Augustana. Few people know that he lives just a block away from campus and is always on call. More often than not, he arrives home only to receive a text or phone call [requiring] him to come right back to campus to fix a concern immediately and with graciousness. We often have days and weekends with multiple major events going on in every building on campus and Brian makes a plan and does his best to be sure everything comes together flawlessly.”

“He is mindful of presenting the best AU image in all his work ... He has great customer service, goes beyond the call of duty, and does it all with joy,” another nominator wrote.

He and his team “... make sure meeting rooms are set up, events are properly staged and the technology needs for the event are rehearsed and ready to go,” another nominator said.

Rieger joined Augustana in 2005 after a career with Fuji Film.

The event also honored members of the Augustana community who will retire after this academic year:

  • LouAnn Boer (Nursing)
  • Susan Bunger (Sociology)
  • Susan Carlson (Library)
  • Mark Hallenbeck (Education)
  • Judith Howard (Library)
  • Scott Johnson (Music)
  • Belinda Kaffar (Education)
  • Jane Kuper (Human Resources)
  • Gene Lambert (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Rita Laumer (Financial Aid)
  • Brenda Murtha (Financial Aid)
  • Anne Oppegard (Business Administration)
  • Paul Schilf (Music)
  • Janet Slichter (Campus Learning Center)
  • Sandi Vietor (Success Center)
  • Albert Wendt (Buildings and Grounds)

Milestone service awards were also presented:

10 Years of Service

  • Debbie Anderson (Nursing)
  • Brandon Barkus (Athletics)
  • LouAnn Boer (Nursing)
  • Austin Buhta (Archeology)
  • Susan Carlson (Library)
  • Bruce Carstensen (Campus Safety)
  • Amy Engebretson (Physics)
  • Karen Harden (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Jason Harris (Business Administration)
  • Sharon Heap (Business Office)
  • Mark Larson (Biology)
  • Amy Lewis (Biology)
  • Jody Nitz (Academic Affairs)
  • Mike Nitz (Communication Studies)
  • David O’Hara (Religion/Philosophy/Classics)
  • Scott Parsons (Art)
  • Corey Pedersen (Central Services)
  • Scott Shahan (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Duane Smith (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Lindsay Twa (Art)
  • Kristi Worden (Advancement)

15 Years of Service

  • Beth Boyens (English)
  • Patty Eiesland (Business Office)
  • Patty Grinsell (Chapel)
  • Adam Heinitz (Admission)
  • Gene Klein (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Paul Schilf (Music)
  • Mary Toso (Success Center)
  • Jaci Vande Kamp (Campus Safety)
  • Sandi Vietor (Success Center)

20 Years of Service

  • Kathy Castle (Social Science Division)
  • Scott Fish (Modern Foreign Languages)
  • Joy Griesse (Music)
  • Dale Iverson (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Belinda Kaffar (Education)
  • Gene Lambert (Buildings and Grounds)
  • Reynold Nesiba (Economics)
  • John Peters (Art)
  • Carol Spillum (Business Office)

25 Years of Service

  • Jon Eng (Athletics)
  • Marcia Entwistle (Business Administration)
  • Ann Pederson (Religion/Philosophy/Classics)
  • Tim Sorenson (Mathematics)
  • Cheryl Swanson (IT Services)
  • Richard Swanson (Religion/Philosophy/Classics)

30 Years of Service

  • Jim Bies (Student Affairs)
  • Susan Bies (Success Center)
  • Marsha Brooks (Admission)
  • Deb Hagemeier (Library)
  • Steve Shum (Computer Science)

35 Years of Service

  • Rich Bowman (Religion/Philosophy/Classics)
  • Cheryl Holzapfel (Natural Science Division)
  • Otto Schneider (Central Services)

40 Years of Service

  • Perry Hanavan (Education)

45 Years of Service

  • Gerrie Sneller (Business Office)

Past Augie Pride Winners

Mike Wajer (1999), Glenn Wika (1999), Mark Hecht (2000), Larry Borgum (2001), Stan Eitreim (2002), Judy Dovenmuehler (2003), Nancy Davidson (2004), Butch Huizenga (2005), Mary Jane Minnig (2006), Carol Weisz (2007), Donn Grinager (2008), Dianne Hammrich (2009), Peg Ustad (2009), Mary Moline (2010), Marsha Brooks (2011), Tracy Riddle (2011), Adam Heinitz (2012), Jeff Holm (2013), Nate Dally (2014) and Brenda Murtha (2015).