Pinning Ceremony Recognizes 2017 Accelerated Nursing Grads

Augustana University Accelerated Nursing Class of 2017

Members of the Accelerated Nursing Program's Class of 2017 were recognized on Thursday, Dec. 14, at the Nursing Pinning Ceremony, held on campus in the Chapel of Reconciliation. 

Elizabeth (Ellie) Sica, a member of the class, came to AU from Juneau, Alaska. During the ceremony, she shared reflections on her Augustana experience and thoughts about the journey ahead. 

"After driving 2,500 miles from Alaska to a place sight unseen, I had no idea what kind of adventure I had signed myself up for. It was a leap of faith that I am forever grateful that I took," she said. "This has been one of the most rewarding adventures one could ever embark upon with some of the best friendships anyone could ask for." 

"As nurses and citizens of the world, we are called to serve and take action for those at their most vulnerable. There will be times that each one of us will be blessed with good fortune and other times that we will be hit with hard knocks, but it is how we choose to deal with those moments that will define us as caregivers. Stay humble, trust your intuition, and be mindful and present."

— Elizabeth (Ellie) Sica
Accelerated Nursing Class of 2017

Members of the Accelerated Nursing Class of 2017 who received their nursing pins are:  

  • Claire Assam, Sioux Falls
  • Diane Maher, Sioux Falls
  • Lauren Bird, Sioux Falls
  • Allison Mitchell, Sioux Falls
  • Aaron Clemens, Sioux Falls
  • Karlie Mueller, Sioux Falls
  • Sydney Eckhoff, Perham, Minnesota
  • Angela O’Donnell, Yankton, South Dakota
  • Joel Enright, Sioux Falls
  • Rachel Pahlke, Winner, South Dakota
  • Tim Fagerness, Sioux Falls
  • Shelby Schmidt, Baltic, South Dakota
  • Hannah Glowacki, Rochester, Minnesota
  • Rachel Schmitz, Portland, Oregon
  • Kayla Hanten, Okabena, Minnesota
  • Elizabeth Sica, Juneau, Alaska
  • Maria Harrington, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Eric Tuschen, Sioux Falls
  • Tekest Kassaye, Sioux Falls
  • Sonja Vermillion, Sioux Falls
  • Hayden Yeradi, Wright, Wyoming

If you know prospective Accelerated Nursing students, applications for the upcoming year's Fall admission class are due by Thursday, Feb. 15. Learn more at

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Media Relations