Class of 2016 Grads: 98% Job Placement

Placement rates for 2016 Augustana University graduates

According to a new report, 98 percent of recent Augustana grads seeking employment are employed in a position related to their major or chosen field. 

Employment data, as well as other post-graduation activities and destinations for members of the Augustana Class of 2016 (graduates who completed bachelor’s degrees between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016), is detailed in the Outcomes Report, published by the Augustana Student Success Center.

Key Statistics About the Augustana Class of 2016

  • 98 percent of 2016 Augustana grads seeking employment are employed in a position related to their major or chosen field. 
  • 20 percent are pursuing grad school and/or continuing education.
  • Grads are working in 18 states and seven countries around the world. Among those who secured employment and reported their geographical location, 60 percent are working in South Dakota and 58 percent are employed in Sioux Falls.
  • Top industry choices for 2016 grads include health care, education, business and professional/scientific technical services.
  • Mean salary was $43,471; the maximum salary reported by 2016 AU grads was $67,000.
  • While at Augustana, 99 percent of grads participated in key engaged learning opportunities, such as experiential learning, internships, co-curricular activities, volunteerism, undergraduate research, clinicals, student teaching, study abroad and more.

“These outcome results illustrate that Augustana University graduates are well equipped to succeed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.”

— Rob Oliver
Augustana President

“From classroom instruction by top-notch faculty members to high-impact, engaged learning opportunities such as internships, student teaching, and undergraduate research, our students are building unmatched experiences and forming critical professional connections well before they graduate. That knowledge and experience, combined with the connections they’ve made, paves the way for their career choices,” Oliver said. 

The Augustana Experience

In addition to employment and grad school placement details, the Outcomes Report also captures key data points that illustrate how satisfied members of the Class of 2016 were with their Augustana experience.

For the following reasons, 2016 AU grads reported that they launched their careers and post-graduate study with confidence and enthusiasm:

  • 93 percent of 2016 grads strongly agreed or agreed that they received a solid education from Augustana
  • 97 percent strongly agreed or agreed that they had at least one professor who made them excited about learning
  • 95 percent strongly agreed or agreed that there was a faculty or staff member at Augustana who cared about them as a person
  • 96 percent strongly agreed or agreed that they will learn or do something interesting at their job or in their program of study after graduation

Read the full Outcomes Report.

Kelly Sprecher
Director of Media Relations