Augustana Announces New Minor in Entrepreneurship

Augustana offers a minor in entrepreneurship

Augustana today announced its newest minor, Entrepreneurship.

The minor, designed for non-Business Administration and Accounting majors, will offer students in all disciplines the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship in addition to their major.

According to the College Board, students who study theories and research related to entrepreneurship "learn how to build, promote, and manage their own businesses. They also learn how to apply their creativity and energy to make existing businesses more productive."

Shelly Gardner, assistant professor of Business Administration, says the new minor will allow all students to gain business knowledge they can apply to their specific field of study.

"Students at Augustana have brilliant ideas and the courses in this new minor will allow them the time and show them the steps to work through those ideas to determine if they are feasible in today's market. This interdisciplinary minor combines textbook theory with real-world practice, teaching the fundamentals of market analysis, financial statements, funding sources, leadership and team building," she said.