Work Overseas

"Learning a second language not only has cognitive and academic benefits, it also supports a greater sense of openness to--and appreciation for--other cultures and improves opportunities for cross-cultural friendships and employment." François Tochon

We'll help you find opportunities to work or to teach aboad during or after your studies. A few such opportunities include:

Teaching in France

The French Ministry of National Education offers between 300 and 400 teaching assistantships each year to American graduate and undergraduate students, under 30 years of age, who are majoring in French and who desire to teach English at the primary or secondary level in France. Assistants spend approximately 12 hours per week teaching, from roughly Oct. 1-April 30, and receive a monthly salary of approximately 930.00 US$. Students do not need a teaching specialization, certificate, or education degree; the sole requirement is a French major. Augustana students interested in this opportunity can contact Professor Fish.  Recent Augie participants include:

  • Danielle Doran '11, Nancy
  • Kristen Pittenger '09, Rouen
  • Linnea Thunselle ’09, Grenoble

Teaching in Germany

In a program entirely unique to Augustana University, qualified students studying German may apply for a year-long, post-graduate teaching assistantship at one of three different college-track high schools in Germany: Neuendettelsau, Potsdam, or Schloss Salem. The Schule Schloss Salem is a co-educational boarding school which offers the German Abitur as well as an International Baccalaureate. Salem's three campuses are beautifully located in Southern Germany near Lake Constance. The Neuendettelsau program has been in existence for more than thirty years. The Potsdam program is organized through Augustana and the Sister Cities Association of Sioux Falls and has become very popular. Assistants are assigned duties in the respective English programs and receive room and board and a monthly stipend. Students interested in this opportunity should contact Professor Lhotzky.  Recent Augie participants include:

  • Naomi Gades ’07, student teacher (English) at the Steigerwald Landschulheim, Wiesentheid, Germany

Teaching in Spain

The Ministry of Education of Spain announces an academic “continuing education” program. This grant sends over 1,200 U.S. and Canadian participants to serve as Language and Culture Assistants in Spanish public K-12 schools. The positions are offered annually and for school year. All candidates must meet the general requirements and complete the online registration before Dec. 31. For complete information and registration, please visit the program website.

Other Work Abroad

Other recent Augie students who have improved their language proficiency by participating in internships include:

  • Heidi Reinders ’07, international market research and marketing intern, Rosenbauer, Germany
  • Monique Schmidt ’98, program assistant at the American Institute of Foreign Studies, Grenoble, France