The Distinguished Scholars Celebration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I wear?

As a former participant said, “dress nice, but be comfortable.” Keep in mind that you will be interviewing with a faculty committee and will be interacting with University staff and students. We rarely see jeans. It is not unusual to see jackets or ties.

Should I bring my parents/guardians?

Yes, if at all possible. In addition to the interview, we have planned activities that will involve various Augustana faculty, students, and staff who will share information about the University’s academic and student life programs. Both parents and students will find this time especially interesting and helpful.

What should I know about the interview: when will I interview and what will I be asked?

We will provide you with the time and location for your interview when you check in at the event. Keep in mind that the date on which we received your reply is considered when scheduling your interview. Your faculty interview committee will read a portion of your application file and any supporting documents you chose to submit including a writing sample, letters of recommendation and a résumé. A two or three-member team will conduct your interview. This conversation is designed for the committee to get to know you, to learn about your goals and ambitions and to discover how you might contribute to the academic environment here.

Is there some way I can prepare for the interview?

Just be you. Your interview committee wants to get to know you; this is your opportunity to learn something about Augustana's professors, as well. It is meant to be an enjoyable interchange of ideas and issues.

Will I have an opportunity to tour the campus?

Yes, tours will be offered throughout the day.

When can we leave for home?

After you have completed your interview, the remainder of the day will include optional sessions. If you have any questions, be sure you are satisfied with the answers before you leave.

How many scholarships will be awarded?

We will award two Niebuhr Scholarships (full tuition). The Niebuhr Scholarships will be funded by an endowment established through an estate gift from the late Dick Niebuhr '66, who served on Augustana's Board of Trustees. Mr. Niebuhr's gift further demonstrates the commitment of the Board of Trustees and our alumni to attract the best and brightest students to Augustana. Additional scholarship levels include the Trustees Honors, which provides $8,000 more ($2,000 per year), and the Trustees Scholarship, which will provide an increase of $4,000 ($1,000 per year). All students will be awarded at one of these levels and all of the scholarships mentioned will replace the previously awarded Presidential Scholarship. In addition, we will be awarding numerous travel abroad scholarships, which can applied toward select Augustana University courses abroad.