IPT Application Form

Application Form for Augustana College Innovation in Pedagogy using Technology Initiative (IPT)

(Click here for PDF version of notice and form)

Narrative Summary of what you plan to “innovate” via technology to enhance pedagogy (using iPads this year)

  • Explain the relevance of the proposed project to pedagogical innovation with technology or innovation in the classroom
  • Provide a brief description of how this will enhance teaching and learning
  • Describe elements of the project relevant to your specific area.
  • Identify which specific phases of the project will be completed during the upcoming Spring, Summer and Fall semester



Conditions of the Grant

I agree to furnish The IPT Task Force Coordinator and the Academic Dean with a written report on my project no later than May 30, 2015.

Furthermore, I agree to:

  • Attend an iPad overview/training session to receive the iPad.
  • Submit a written report about the projects status and level of success to the IPT Task Force by May 30, 2015.
  • Share findings with the faculty in a publicly advertised campus forum (e.g., ITS Brown Bag, Faculty Development Luncheon, departmental seminar) during the academic year following the grant (by August 31, 2015 for the 2014 award).

I understand that if the project is not completed I may be asked to return the iPad. I will also return the iPad if it is no longer useful to me, or if my employment with Augustana College ends.

Failure to comply with these conditions will result in disqualification for future IPT initiatives.

Name _________________________________________________________________________ Date ____________________

(Click here for PDF version of notice and form)