2018 ASL Immersion Workshop Summaries

Sign Language Improv

Sign Language Improv is a hodgepodge of several performance-based sign language workshops rolled into one. Participants will learn a variety of techniques to bring sign language to life. These techniques can be brought into the classroom or used in basic conversation. With guided practice from presenter, Patrick Fischer, and the professional support of trained mentors, participants will engage in a variety of activities geared toward making expressive sign language more visual. Participants will leave this immersion experience with increased confidence in sign production and the ability to incorporate a variety of techniques that bring sign language to life!

Guided Luncheons

Participants will engage in guided conversations during a luncheon event each day with various members of the Deaf community. Deaf community members and mentors, participants, presenters and immersion coordinators will come together for a large group luncheon. Each table is supplies with a variety of questions that tie directly to the presentation topics from the morning session. Table members are expected to hold conversations that center around these topics bearing in mind the intricacies of American Sign Language throughout the conversations.

3:1 Mentoring

Rarely do certified and emerging interpreters have an opportunity to spend extended amounts of time communicating directly with Deaf community members. The immersion committee recognizes the importance of this type of interaction and has arranged for participants to engage in direct mentoring each afternoon. A variety of Deaf community members with differing signing styles and educational backgrounds have been hired to serve as mentors. This small group, three hearing and one Deaf, allows for engaging conversations and direct feedback on sign production and ASL structure.