Academy for Seniors 2013-2014 Series

Augustana Academy for SeniorsThe Augustana Academy for Seniors completed a successful 2013-2014 year. Audio of the sessions is found below, along with the speakers' bios.

Spring Sessions

February 19 • WEDNESDAY

"Update on Parkinson’s Disease and Its Medical and Surgical Management"

Dr. William R. Rossing


William R. Rossing, M.D., Neurology Associates PC


AND   audio of presentation of Dr. Rossing and Dr Klopper (11 Mb)

Dr. Henk Klopper



Henk Klopper, M.D., Avera Medical Group Neurosurgery



March 19 • WEDNESDAY

"Stroke, Its Evaluation, Prevention and Management"

Lisa C. Viola, D.O.



Lisa C. Viola, D.O., Neurology Associates PC

audio of presentation of Dr. Viola (11 Mb)


April 16 • WEDNESDAY

"New Frontiers in Headache Diagnosis and Management"

Dr. Carol B. Miles


Carol B. Miles, M.D., Neurology Associates PC

audio of presentation of Dr.Miles (11 Mb)


Global Climate Change was the theme last Fall.

September 18 • WEDNESDAY

"Climate Change and Carbon Dioxide"
Dr. Larry Tieszen

Dr. Larry L. Tieszen, Emeritus Professor at Augustana College,
Physical Scientist Emeritus/USGA-EROS

audio of Dr Larry L Tieszen presentation (16 Mb)


Handout 2

October 16 • WEDNESDAY

"USGA-EROS' Role in Land Change Science and How the Newest Landsat Satellite Benefits Research"

Dr. Tom Loveland


Dr. Tom Loveland, Senior Scientist at the USGS-EROS Center

audio of Dr Tom Loveland Presentation (15 Mb)


November 20 • WEDNESDAY

"Weather Insights in the Present and Future — How Do We Stay Safe"

Todd Heitkamp, National Weather Service


Todd Heitkamp, Warning Coordinator Meteorologist at the National Weather Service

audio of Todd Heitkamp Presentation (19 Mb)


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