Archive of Student Presentations 2014

Oral Presentations

CHRISTINA OLSON Reimagining Wonder Woman: Adapting Comic Book Costumes for the Stage (Jayna Fitzsimmons)

TIM BURWITZ Computer interface for image-based adaptive femtosecond control (Eric Wells)

RACHEL SAUM & EMILY KERN Study Break Stories: Relationships Between Study Break Activities and Students' Goals (Elizabeth Babcock)

DANIELLE CLAYPOOL & DUSTIN WANDER Pre-Sleep Arousal Mediates the Relationship between Anxiety Sensitivity and Sleep Difficulties (Casey Trainor)

LESYK VOZNYUK Euromaidan to Eurozone?: The Future of Ukraine's Currency (Reynold Nesiba)

NATASHA M. WEGNER & ELIZABETH A. RENNER Reproductive success of Nicrophorus marginatus in response to a broadly used invasive species herbicide (Carrie Hall)

AUDREY BURKART The Culture, Context, and Community of Unicycling (Danny Gerling)

AUSTIN MIELKE Denglisch: gefährlich oder einfach normal? (Denglisch: Harmful or Simply Commonplace?) (Stephan Lhotzky)

SYDNEY FLEMING Why forgive? Immediate and delayed effects of different forgiveness motives (Anne Zell)

THOMAS NORLAND The Defense of Britain: The Battle of Britain Day (Margaret Preston)

VAUGHN THADA Tissue-Specific Variation of Nonsense-Mediated Decay in the Cln1R151X Mouse Model of Infantile Batten Disease (David Pearce)

KADE KLIPPENSTEIN & ANNA BAHNSON La Clínica de Salud and Augustana College: A Partnership for Health (Craig Spencer)

CRYSTAL ORTBAHN From Sundance to Sioux Falls (Danny Gerling) MAGGIE PATTERSON Stories and Change (Richard Swanson)

JENALEAH BLOCK & JULIA TORGERSEN Plugging into the network: The relationship between internet and creativity. (Elizabeth Babcock)

VICKY TSANG & ALI GOERS The Relationship between Perceived Control over Anxiety and Pre-Sleep Arousal and Sleep Onset Latency (Casey Trainor)

JAMES JENNINGS Can Modern Monetary Theory be applied to the political economic landscape of the United Kingdom (Reynold Nesiba)

BROOKE WOELBER Competitive environment influences reproductive trade-off decisions in a Nicrophorine burying beetle (Daniel Howard)

ALEXANDRA HJERPE My Little Brony: Masculinity is Magic (Darcie Rives-East)

MARIT LHOTZKY Die Manessische Liederhandschrift (The Manesse Codex) (Stephan Lhotzky)

DEANN NAAB Theoretical and experimental investigation of drug-polymer interactions: Exploring drug dispersion through a polymeric matrix. (Bijoy Dey)

SAM BOCK A Third Rome: Mussolini and Irredentism (Cory Conover)

SARAH LARIMER, JORDAN KERKVLIET & STEPHANIE RICHMANN The Consequences of Competition: How Personality Traits Affect the Handling of Outperformance (Anne Zell)

REBECCA SUNDE Emma Goldman: Anarchist above All Else (Margaret Preston)

JACOB TUPA Data-Driven Admissions (Ryan Sougstad)

ERIN WILLIAMS Medical Tourism in Thailand (Reynold Nesiba)

MALLORY SCHULTE We Can Do Better: Common Sense Solutions for the Child Care System in America (Joel Johnson)

MARIA E. COOK Genetic Bottleneck of an Endangered Species:The Influence of Prescribed Fire on the American Burying Beetle (Carrie Hall)

CLAIRE BESTUL Co-Evolution of Wolbachia in Nichrophorus Beetles (Carrie Hall)


ALEXANDRA HJERPE Encountering God in the Gray: Interfaith Dialogue (Jeffrey Miller)

JAKE SHAMA & ELLEN FERRY Improving Communication in Harrisburg (Heather Bart)

KIRSTEN CRAFT (via Skype) Preschoolers’ Emergent Literacy Predicts Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of Reading (Olivia Lima)

MEGAN BORDEWYK Forging a Better Image: J. Edgar Hoover and the selling of the FBI in the early 20th century (Margaret Preston)

THOMAS NORLAND Welcome to the DarkSide (Drew Alton)

KADE KLIPPENSTEIN Defining the Role of Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase in HNSCC (John H. Lee)

LAUREN THOMPSON South Dakota Fringe Banking (Reynold Nesiba)

LESYK VOZNYUK Multiple orbital contributions in the angular-dependent ionization and hydrogen elimination of small hydrocarbons in few-cycle laser pulses (Eric Wells)

BREANN BOWAR & ANNIE FROSETH The Relationship between Emotion Dysregulation and Sleep Difficulties (Casey Trainor)

ERIC HABBE & GARRET HEIBERGER Synthesis of novel organic dyes based on cyanoacetic acid for use in DSSCs (Barrett Eichler)

MATTHEW SMALLCOMB Optimizing the Monte Carlo Simulation for the DarkSide Detector (Drew Alton)

KIM STALLINGS Elemental Analysis of Core/Shell Quantum Dots by AA (Duane Weisshaar)

DANIEL ELMER Capital Controls and Their Effect on Developing Countries (Reynold Nesiba)

KATE MYDLAND Preschoolers' attitudes & motivation for learning (Olivia Lima)

ALI LAMMERS & MARY-KATHRYN TONNER “What’s In Your Room”: An Evaluation of Cleaning Methods in Hospital Rooms (Janet Philipp)

MAGGIE DALLY The Search for a Personal Teaching Strategy (Sheryl Feinstein)

BLAKE WOOCKMAN & RACHEL ANDERSON Optimizing the Synthesis of a Polymer Linker for an Optical Sensor (Duane Weisshar)

Poster Presentations

Bethany Ahlers - A Cross Species Exploration of Nuclear Morphology (Eric Richards)

Danielle Anderberg & Hannah Zylstra - Improving Name Learning with Distributed Retrieval Practice (Elizabeth Babcock)

Julia Blue - Sushi Domain Containing 2 (SUSD2) Promotes Angiogenesis in Breast and Ovarian Tumorigenesis (Kristi Egland)

Emily Bose & Chandler Nielsen - Variation in Aposematic Coloration in the Grassland Burying Beetle Nicrophorus Marginatus (Dan Howard)

Breann Bowar - Light-Activated Collagen Cross-Linking Results in Reduced Collagen III Antibody Binding in Rat Arteries (Karen Munger)

Jackson Buchanan - The Effects of Stem Flexing on Xylem Reinforcement and Drought Tolerance in Phaseolus vulgaris (Steven Matzner)

Logan Bulock - Antimicrobial Production is Ubiquitous Among Bacterial Symbionts of Nicrophorus Beetles (Paul Egland)

Audrey Burkart - Transverse energy of Au+Au collisions for center of mass energy 62.4 GeV and 3.0<pseudorapidity<3.8 (Nathan Grau)

Molly Chohon - Small Town Bank Advantage (Reynold Nesiba)

Shelby Duffield - Bioconjugation of DNA, RNA and Proteins to Quantum Dots and Polythiophenes for Fluorescent and Colorimetric Detection of Prostate Cancer (Barrett Eichler)

Sarah Fisher - Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel, Non-Natural Isothiocyanates (Jared Mays)

Emily L. Grandprey , Tyson W. Lager & Megan L. Thacker - A Novel Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Protein, SUSD2, Hinders Ovarian Tumor Spheroid Formation (Jennifer Gubbels)

Jordan Harter , Laura Rasmussen & Kelly Sandoz - Using an Alternative Approach to Improve the Quality of Life in Women with Breast Cancer (Jean Herrmann & Janet Philipp)

Anna Krueger - One Child at a Time: A Make-A-Wish Internship (Shelly Gardner)

Besty McCue, Lance Shaull, & Anna Kollasch - Omega-3 Fatty Acid Mediated Effects on Platelet Mediated Thrombogenesis (Mark Larson)

Nodia Lippert - Drosophila Melanogaster: The Relationship Between Egg Size and the Underlying Structure of the Ovary (Cecelia Miles)

Christopher T. Lucido - CD137 Enhancement of HPV Positive Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Tumor Clearance (John Lee)

Kale Merrell & Lee Stadem - Exploration of ISOC or INOC Routes to Lactone-Isoxazole and Isoxazoline Potential Fungicides (Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

Courtney Moore & Ashley Schmidt - Vibrational Signaling in the Cook Strait Giant Weta (Deinacrida Rugosa) (Dan Howard)

Collin Noldner & Ethan Pauley - Parallel Synthesis of Glucosinolates (Jared Mays)

Bethany Olson , Amanda Turner & Tara Jensen – Millennicare (Jaciel Keltgen)

Ethan Pauley - Preparation of a Non-Glucosinolate Precursor to an Isothiocyanate (Jared Mays)

Madeline Pfeiffer - Synthesis of Organic Linkers Based on Bis(benzoic acid)acetylenes for Metal-Organic Frameworks for Hydrogen Storage (Barrett Eichler)

Kirby Rickel & Jessica Simpkins - Genetic Interactions with ERS1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Seasson Vitiello)

Trevor A. Sandgren – Polymer Analysis by Gel Permeation Chromatography (Duane Weisshaar)

Dane Schroeder & Matthew Anderson - A Bacillus Symbiont of the Burying Beetle Nicrophorus marginatus Possesses an Antibacterial Peptidoglycan Aminohydrolase (Paul Egland)

Katie Smith & Dannah Miller - Synthesis and Characterization of Novel DFDPP-DET Polymers with Broad Band Gaps for Solar Cell Use (Jetty Duffy-Matzner)

Genevieve Tillotson - Synthesis and Evaluation of Nitrile- and Polyphenyl Isothiocyanates (Jared Mays)

Emily Wehde & Breann Bowar - Intimal Thickening in Response to Arterial Damage is Reduced by Collagen Binding in Rat Arteries (Karen Munger)

Ryta Wodzinski - Using Drosophila Activity Monitors (DAM2) to Explore the Effect of Changing Temperatures in Warm- and Cold-adapted Drosophila melanogaster (Cecelia Miles & Craig Spencer)