Archive of Student Presentations 2013

Oral Presentations

Benjamin Albrecht - Jet Measurements in 500 GeV p+p collisions from PHENIX

Anna Bahnson - Reproductive trade-offs in the burying beetle Nicrophorus marginatus: does parental competitive environment influence offspring sex ratio or brood size dynamics?

Katie Beech & Kelsey Bortnem - Distress Tolerance as a Predictor for Pre-Sleep Arousal and Sleep Problems

Carlee Berens & Kyle Knapp - Name Learning: The Effect of Distributed Retrieval Practice in a Simulated Social Setting

Claire Bestul – The Influence of Anthropogenic Vibration on Animal Reproductive Behavior: A Test of the Sensory Pollution Hypothesis

Erin Brustuen, Allison Nass, Ellen Pietsch, & Devon Ratliff-Crain - Obesity Prevention in Native American Children

Kirsten Craft & Ashley Schreurs - Joint storybook reading and word learning: What reading style helps preschoolers most?

Julianna Dahlager, Emily London & Kayley Mass - End of Life Curriculum in the Augustana Nursing Program

Brooke DeJong - Gadamer and Galatians

John Detlie - Rise of the Leviathans: British Shipbuilding 1870-1914

Michael Dulitz - Health Coverage, Behaviors, and Concerns Among South Dakota Farmers

Michelle Erhardt & Ali Goers - Effect of Difficulties with Emotion Regulation on Sleep Quality

Sam Evenson - The Impact of Learning in a Second Language and the Potential for Educational Reform in Kenya

Jesse Goodwin - The Question of Felon Dis-enfranchisement: Challenges to the Purity of the Ballot Box

Katie Hjerpe - Paul at the Areopagus: A Case for Humility and Cultural Sensitivity in Christian Evangelism

Spencer Hopewell - Manifest Destiny: The Search for the Westward Muse

Amanda Johnson - Synthesis and Evaluation of Alkyl and Aryl Isothiocyanates as Anticancer Agents

Natalie Klevan - Muggles and Wizards and Church, Oh My!: Fear and Community Identity

Natalie Klevan, Naomi Seaton, Brooke DeJong, Olivia Hopewell, & Aaron Munce - Greek, Body, and the Oral Tradition: A Study of Mark 15

Marissa Knaak - Congress Shall Make No Law: Governmental Suppression of the Freedom of the Press During World War I

Molly Kokesh - Exploring “waste reduction” techniques in sustainable development policy: A case study in Sioux Falls, SD

Riley McManus & Nicole Altena - Ionic Liquids? What are they and how are they made?

Dylynn Makepeace - Education in South Africa: The Road to Equality

Alison Peymann - Midwestern Poetry of Place: Reading Joyce Sutphen

Cami Ponton - La Mezquita de Córdoba: el símbolo del triunfo / The Mosque of Cordoba: Symbol of Triumph

Ashley Schmidt - Vibrational Signaling in the Cook Strait Giant Weta (Deinacrida rugosa)

Dane Schroeder & Jade Hovet - The Utilization of FRET to Detect the Hybridization of DNA

Michael Seeley - The Fraternal Ulcer? The Intentional Malady of Crowning Joseph Bonaparte in Spain

Michael Seeley - Self-Publishing: Earning Writers Relaxation, Readers, and Royalties

Kelly Silvers - La Vie et La Poésie de Charles d'Orléans

Madeleine Spalding - Subversive Children's Literature and its Contribution to Society

Lauren Stephens & Jill Hedberg - Fighting Childhood Obesity: Diet and Exercise in South Dakota Schools (Dr. Mary Isaacson)

Ezra Thompson - Analyzing activity use at Lake Carlos, Lake Shetek, and Sibley State Parks

Elle Tornberg - Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Isothiocyanates

Zack Truelson & Josh Goodwin - Lie Hard: Predictors of Responses to Presidential Candidates' Deceptive Claims

Michael Tveter - The Colonial Wall: Claire Denis’ Chocolat’s Crucial Portrayal of the Spatial Separation of Europeans and West Africans

Michael Tveter - The Call to Arms: British Ethnocentrism in Irish Recruitment during the Great War

Kadyn Wittman - The Northern Irish Conflict: A Comparative Study on Catholic-Protestant Relations Through Northern and Southern Ireland

Musical Presentations

Anna E. Olson, "This is for my Father's Glory" (musicians: Laura Peck, Dani Pemberton, Sonora Ruybal, & Emily Wehde)

Sonora Ruybal, "Sail" by Awolnation (musicians: Kris Buskohl & Amanda Marohl)

Poster Presentations

Bethany Ahlers & Jessica Simpkins - “Differential Gene Expression in a Yeast Model of Cystinosis: A Functional Genomics Study”

Matt Anderson – “Characterization of Antibacterial Products Produced by a Bacterial Symbiont of the Burying Beetle Nicrophorus marginatus”

Emily Bose, Chandler Nielsen, Nodia Lippert, & Paige DePerno - “Variation in aposematic coloration in the grassland burying beetle Nicrophorus marginatus”

Audrey Burkart - “Colloidal Interactions in Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal”

Morgan D. DePerno - “Burning Issues in Conservation Biology: The Effect of Reproductive Season Prescribed Fire on an Endangered Insect Species”

Emily L. Grandprey - “Interactions of Sushi Domain Containing 2 (SUSD2) and Galectin-1 in Breast Tumorigenesis”

Jessie Huff – “Effects of a Light Activated Naphtalimide Compund on Vessel Physiology in the Rat Model”

Kathryn Hurd & Mackenzie Trom – “Evaluation of seasonal changes in body composition and fitness parameters among collegiate women soccer players”

Jessica Johnson - “A Novel Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Protein, SUSD2, Aids in Ovarian Tumor Metastasis”

Andy Johnson – “GEX1 and ERS1 have a genetic interaction in the yeast model of cystinosis”

Alan Julius - “Synthesis and characterization of a dioxypyrrolopyrrole-difurano-thiophenyl-diethynyl polymer for use in organic photovoltaics”

Jenna Kuhle - “Synthesis of a Proposed Novel Fungicide”

Nodia Lippert - “Drosophila melanogaster: Variation of embryo size and blastoderm stage nuclear number with temperature”

Miranda L. Lommen – “Whole Blood Fatty Acids in End-stage Renal Failure (CKD Stage 5)”

Collin Noldner - “Ray-Based Simultaneous Propagation of Multiple Wave Fronts: A New Method for Computing Reaction Paths”

Brennan Olson - “Interaction of Sushi Domain Containing 2 (SUSD2) and Fibronectin in Breast Tumorigenesis”

Dane Rasmussen - “Natural Epigenetic Variation at Sadhu” Sam Evenson - “An Investigation into MARCKS' Role in Neuronal Polarity and Neuropediatric Diseases”

Chanesse Schaefer - “Oxidative Stress and the Role of APE1/Ref-1” Aleksey Voznyuk - “Adaptive Femtosecond Control of Diatomic Molecules: Coupling Multi-Dimensional Feedback and Floquet Analysis”

Jessica Spalding - “Working in Faith: Ethnography of the Cru Organization”

Lucinda Weaver - “Altering the Platelet/Coagulation Interface with Omega-3 Fatty Acid”

Natasha M. Wegner & Bailey D. Ketelsen - “Acoustic communication in the Malaysian giant long-legged katydid (Macrolyristes corporalis)”

Erika Zetterlund - “Testing Clustering Algorithms for the Combined MPC and MPC-EX Detectors at PHENIX”